Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

La_Zouille 11/24/2010

Steinberg Cubase 5 : La_Zouille's user review

«  Good tool. »

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The facility was long but was without problems.

I waited a few days to update the license because the site was overloaded steinberg (I got it for Christmas).

The manual is very well done, yet he must find the time and the courrage read the whole (...) This


cubase works at the time of writing this review with:
Imac 27 'DualQuadCore 8G Ram, HDD 2T and Snow Leopard.
Alesis MasterControl; Digimax D8, Yamaha Motif XS, and HP PSI

Everything running smoothly, the installation was long mainly because of all the drivers to install and configuerer.

In a bit more than 1 year of work I've only had 2 problems: a 2 times Cubase unexpectedly closed and reopened the restaurant in session.

The performances are more than correct, and it works well with the heavy sessions.


I therefore used for over a year and a half.
I used a few years before the famous Digidesign ProTools HD1 and a ProTools_LE for home.
I can not compare that with Digidesign ProTools.

The price / quality ratio is very correct.
We can work with a larger quantity of material.
The updates are installed simply.
We can more easily "wander around" session because Cubase is most widespread.

With a year of practice, I can say that I can do exactly the same thing with ProTools HD1 I used.

With experience, I REFERRED choice.