Steinberg Cubase 5
Steinberg Cubase 5

Cubase 5, General Sequencer from Steinberg in the Cubase series.

yoshi303 03/07/2012

Steinberg Cubase 5 : yoshi303's user review

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(Make sure to configure the driver "ASIO" to make music (and get sound ..)


intel 17 ... 8 GB RAM
Saffire PRO 24, emu esi 4000, waldorf blofeld ..
3xdisque drive (system 100 GB, 1 TB programs, the sound 1to ~ ~ ~)

a 4-core processor required if you use VSTi mostly ..
(Mac PC .. I know)


best to build / produce / mastring ..

(Ah I utlise for about 10-15 years ...) but not on atari ...

if you want to do live, go to Ableton Live! or Build And lifer and on 2.

for the creation cubase is perfect. (Very pro) ... but beware it looks like a "factory", but actually it's quite simple, just check his videos:
-How to insert a VST instrument in Cubase
- ".." ..... "...." ... an effect on a VST ........
-How to insert a "limiter / compressor" TO PREVENT MY CABINETS BOUZILLER .. or "when I listen to my CD ds car the volume is too low compared to the volume of the cd or réadio ........"


after you have a soucy consult the manual if necessary,
700 pages in French it is doing very well .. dessuite found!
(There's the PDF if not in English too ..)


if I had to make that choice? ... Mmmmmh ...

must see .. version 6 is already out and looks like + to "a bugfix / improvement of functions" k'a an ACTUAL EVOLUTION .. (Certe there are new VST ..)


but for cubase 4 and cubase 5 ... without hesitating, yes I referrais the same choice!

everything is done with. "Simply"