Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII
Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

Monomachine SFX60 MKII, Groove Machine from Elektron in the Monomachine series.

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z@y@n 09/12/2012

Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII : z@y@n's user review

« Unique in its kind »

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Basically the Monomachine is a monophonic synthesizer multitimbral, 6 audio tracks, MIDI tracks + 6 for sequencing external devices. No keyboard, but can use keyboard pads, transposable 8 octaves.
6 outputs, 3 choices: either 6 tracks out of 2 outputs (stereo), or 3 stereo outputs, either 6 mono outputs.
Midi 3 ports, 1 out, 1 in, 1 thru. Midi comprehensive implementation.
1 of 64 powerful sequencer not max.
1 IN input for an external filter.
Level audio engine, six different types of synthesis, all machines 12.
In Elektron called machine every synth present in the internal audio engine of the beast.
Example: In the synthesis Superwave there are 3 machines,
Superwave Saw oscillator whose start of saw-tooth type,
Superwave Pulse oscillator whose departure is type pulse
Set Superwave that creates an agreement of 4 notes max.

I will not dwell in detail on all machines, it would be too long, but each machine is quite unique, you must take time to know them in depth.

NB: There is one last "family" machines, the effects, which is not similar to pure synthesis but to a variety of effects (chorus, flanger, reverb, etc..) That can be assigned one (or more) 6 tracks internal mono, and we will route to a source that can be determined in advance. This source can be one (or more) of the five other tracks internal or external via a track input In the machine. This is a bit unusual, I do not use it much, but it is still powerful as this (or these) track (s) are fully séquençables FX as a normal track, with envelope, filter, P-locks, and everything.

Features more monstrous than on paper. 9/10


A breeze. Who already knows the Elektron philosophy, it takes 2 minutes to understand how it works. For a novice Elektron, go one hour.
If, however, there are still some gray areas in the head of the user manual is very well done.
Ergonomics Elektron is unique, it really is the highlight of their machines, we do what we want (or almost) without ever stopping the sequencer is saved in 3 seconds, almost everything is copyable / bondable, notes , patterns, p-locks, etc..
Level edition, we walk on 7 pages with 2 buttons "up" and "down", each page contains 8 parameters, each parameter is edited with the encoder corresponding to the 8 on the machine. Each parameter is p-lockable.
7 pages are:
- 1 page synthesis (sound editing: oscillators, sync, tune, etc), the settings on this page depend on the machine that has been chosen.

- 1 page Amplifier (1 AHDR for VCA envelope, distortion + 1, 1 level, 1 pan, 1 portamento)

- Page 1 Filter (Filter LP / HP / BP with resonant edition of the envelope)

- Effects 1 page which contains 1 1 band EQ, 1 sample rate reducer, 1 delay that I love.

- 3 pages LFO (LFO 3 can be assigned to any parameter with multiple waveforms possible)

Each parameter is p-lockable, so imagine the complex sequences that can be drawn from all this.

Attention, the ergonomics Elektron causes addiction and may cause frustration to other bikes. 10/10


Sounds very specific very typical, but quite unique.
It is sharp enough with envelopes fast enough, the mids are very present.
The Subs are powerful, but do not expect them to be as well defined as the synths analos. Who loves me well Dub low, I struggled a bit with mono, it is possible but it is not his strong point, this is why I took a SE-1X for it (oh yeah :)).
This is digital, but not that cold, once you filter it properly.
She was in the belly small.

The real highlight of the Mono is complex sequences that can be drawn through the sequencer formidable but, FX, noises, basses & leads sharp it can get.
You really get him in for a treat, and then everything is possible. The Sound designers and other laboratory sound will be delighted.

Go, 8/10 because its sound aspect so special is its advantage as its default.


it has been 2 years since I have.
This is perhaps my Home Studio machine with which I am more ambiguous relationship. There is a certain mystery about this bike is the one I know the least, and yet it offers huge opportunities. I did not quite have plunged, but I will, sometimes I think about selling because I under-used, but at the same time I can not do it, I have too big frustration in the making.
Like any machine Elektron, it has a unique character, needless to compare with other models of keyboards.
This is a machine that will fit in any config, it is a perfect complement its set fx, leads, and noise sequences psyche it can get.


- The powerful sequencer and so well thought out (a toy for adults)
- Its unique sound character
- Perfect machine in master channel audio (this is the "mama" of my setup)
- Its features comprehensive
- Very endearing


- Not a fan effect, except that I love the delay

A machine that leaves no one indifferent. 9/10