Feeltune Rhizome LE
Feeltune Rhizome LE

Rhizome LE, Groove Machine from Feeltune in the Rhizome series.

kro-matek 09/05/2012

Feeltune Rhizome LE : kro-matek's user review

«  they did! »

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The rhizome consists of an output USB3 which liaises with the computer, but also for the source video screen embedded in the rhizome. That's it.
The rest ultimately depends on the computer you have (sound card and various ports)


The configuration is quite simple.il must install some apps on pc or mac, these apps will then scan your folders VSt to make your plugs accessible from your Rhizome.
The machine is simple enough to grip with many features. It really is a mix between the feeling of boxes in the old rhythms), Korg, Yamaha and other current and softs (Abelton, etc. ..).

This gives a highly ergonomic and truly complete.
Being ableton live user since a while, was really a pleasure to play on the rhizome. It really is much more fun and creative than live with any soft controller.


It all depends on samples and Fx you use, however, namely that the Rhizome includes a comprehensive mixer with Fx insert, bus etc. ..


How long do you use?
Few months, but I had versionUXE before (I went to the LE version because I'm used to the Universe Mac)

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
korg electribe ES1, EMX, EM1, Yamaha rs7000, Jomox airbase, fruity loops, reason, ableton and launchpad with controller Vcm600 kaoss pad

What feature do you like most?,

I found new features compared to Ableton hand and it changes your life:
First re-move each pattern can be composed of vst samplers or completely different (at the expense of Abelton). One can for example have pattern1 composed of a sampler with 1 Kicka a line of hat, a snare, and 2 with a massive plugin preset A and B then pattern2 totally different (eg with a different sampler kick B ( Kick A Sampler is no longer present), with four massive presets CDEF, a discovery, pro ..) This leaves playability unheard.
More when we pass from one pattern to the other positions of the "mute" or "solo" each pattern is totally independent of each other (we just start with the kick patt ern1 mutated and pattern 2 it will Kick enabled, but the mutated synth for example).

Ability to synchronize the machine with Ableton Live or route audio from ableton to the rhizome and vice versa.

Ability to edit directly from the machine Vst (also possible using a mouse on the screen) and change the bank directly from the rhizome.
Opportunity to play two simultanéments project and ancer in patterns / parts of each.
It really is possible to dispense completely screen pc in 80% of cases!

The least?

The software is not a vst .. shame, no rewire (it takes a little tweaking to sync)
There is no possibility to load the samples if desired with the mouse or edit patterns and the piano roll with the mouse (it could be a time saver in some cases no doubt ...)
Vst some name recognition.
Personally I would have added a series of button / knob further as a midi controller with direct access to effects.

How would you rate the quality / price ratio?
Really correct, but the software that are very innovative could be even better, with for example the possibility to choose colors for parts / paterns, the ability to take control with the mouse if necessary directly on the computer, the possibility of choose the position of parts ...

May be a small latency buttons? (I'm usb2, usb3 machine is ce'st it may be ..)

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Without hesitation, this is by far my best purchase! I know of no equivalent to this day. You dreamed, they did ^ ^! MErci and!