Feeltune Rhizome LE
Feeltune Rhizome LE

Rhizome LE, Groove Machine from Feeltune in the Rhizome series.

Toxikalien 02/04/2013

Feeltune Rhizome LE : Toxikalien's user review

«  just terrible »

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32pads 32potards 30boutons to select any function whose mixer, sequencer, sampler, live, song, ............ 4ecrans a sampler which is not bad at all!! There intergre effects: compress, equalizer, stereo 6 insert effects for each track, 64 track pattern by which the number 64 also each pattern can be different


not just downloadable manual on the installation site Feeltune a little soft galley I have installed the March 4 before his faith is ok but everything works fine now! functions are accessible thanks to 30 buttons


the sound is nikel! the stereo effect that integrates the mixer mas rhizome is wrong, I like it!!'s equalizer and compressor do their job! the pir if we do not like it but a vst


the fact that some day I MASCHINE I used the native instrument of great but the rhizome is 10 mieu faith!! the + there are too many overflow the moin I saw 2: no rewire and can not put the rhizome as a vst in ableton or cubase, ProTool ....... but I think the team we are well Feeltune out an update!