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Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories user reviews

  • Celestion Vintage 30

    Celestion Vintage 30 - " So, why?"


    Impatient to ring my head TubeMeister 36, and to follow such panurge, the almost general opinion, I ordered a vintage 30 hp to power my home 112 bass reflex cabinet. So actually in the clear, okay, with a crunch and distortion against the abomination…

  • Celestion G12M-65 Creamback

    Celestion G12M-65 Creamback - " A beast of rock !!"


    I use these in a 2x12 cabinet HP FXamps often connected to a head FXamps Classic Plex (the british vintage) and a VHT Pitbull in sometimes CLX (the modern American). In both cases, the HP really incredible sounds out of roundness, warmth, presence an…

  • Eminence The Wizard

    Eminence The Wizard - " Superb in Blues and Rock"


    In the end, I was disappointed with the Celestion Seventy 80 speaker to my amp Ibanez TSA15 stifling my Strat; I searched the net for a replacement HP, I hesitated with a Celestion G12H30 a bit expensive, and chose the Eminence The Wizard for clarity…

  • Electro-Harmonix 2880 Foot Controller

    Electro-Harmonix 2880 Foot Controller - " The worst dedicated controller that I have ever seen"


    I bought a 2880 recently and I'm pretty happy with the looper itself, I'll post a considered opinion when I toured the craft. Against it by foot controller, it's footage of mouth. It's not often that I speak in this way, especially not on a EHX ef…

  • Celestion Eight 15

    Celestion Eight 15 - MACHINTRUK's review


    The Celestion Eight 15 is a great little speaker. The sound is warm well defined with this ability to scold the guitar overdrive naturally. It's gritty, expressive and musical. 29 euros for what more. …

  • SPL Reducer

    SPL Reducer - " that's good"


    a reducer which reduces transparently. passive an impedance selector UTILIZATION very easy SOUND QUALITY top notch! does not color the sound (well, the color of hot lamps !!) OVERALL OPINION very practical and very effective, that's g…

  • Tung Sol 6L6GC / 7581

    Tung Sol 6L6GC / 7581 - " The best recent? I recommend it."


    The 7581 is part of the category of 6L6GC, it is Russian production. Warning, the name 7581 can be confusing in trying to recall the old and found Sylvania 7581A, American manufacturing. Both tubes have in common than being modified 6L6GC: Tung Sol t…

  • Celestion G12-35XC

    Celestion G12-35XC - " Upgrade a single match my expectations ✔︎"


    I just ride this G12-35xc instead of my original C90 semi open cab Mesa Lonestar 1X12 19 ". I work mostly with a pedal and Z M12 Gibson LP Special in P90. This is a Upgrade which mainly aim to gain in versatility and "bright". It is actually more …

  • Celestion Vintage 30

    Celestion Vintage 30 - " hp interesting, but ..."


    This is particulary hp for my part, I explained m I had bought the put it in a fender hot rod deluxe (version 3) has a Celestion hp of origin but not great, I wanted a good rock sound (with good pedal hot rod rings of hell yes I will yes guarantee…

  • Eminence Cannabis Rex

    Eminence Cannabis Rex - " A transformer"


    Installed in my Fender Hot Rod III in place of the original Celestion: it is much better, the bass is more defined and supported and not drool on medium and treble lost that garish side, suddenly you can climb towers and go to the friendliest crunch.…