Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.
Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.

SansAmp TRI-A.C., Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

poiureza 08/24/2012

Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C. : poiureza's user review

«  almost perfect »

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All the pedals I had, this tri-ac is one of the best.
The sounds are very convincing. The gain and tone controls are interactive and therefore provide a lot of possibilities.
I want to say that this is the only pedal that I Tech21 has really enjoyed it.
I never managed to get a decent sound with Sansamp Classic despite all the praise that can be found on the internet. The XXL either was not terrible.
In short, this tri-ac can have 3 sounds quite acceptable emulation Marshall is perhaps a bit better than the Fender or Mesa.

The only disadvantage that I found (and why I had to bring myself to sell the pedal) is that it does not offer enough gain even with dual coils. Unable to make high-gain solos.
Shame ...