Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.
Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.

SansAmp TRI-A.C., Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

MGR/Peter 01/30/2002

Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C. : MGR/Peter's user review

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Purchased this from Musicians Friend for $149. This unit is the most satisfying analog guitar effect/amp emulator available out there. It sounds 100% tube with tons of even harmonic distortions and very clean Fender tones. I have the Tech 21 GT-2 but the GT-2 is thin sounding and lacking body whereas the Tri AC sounds fat able to isolate the body of each string or group of strings played.

The Tri AC is able to emulate Fender, Marshall, and Boogies extremely well. While the GT2 is strictly for metal heads it cannot cut through like the Tri AC can. The Tri AC can command those single big notes as well as chords - Joe Walsh, Santana, and etc. It mates well with humbuckers.

I prefer using the Tri AC with a 9 volt battery as the AC adapters tend to introduce some AC noise if your electricity is not filtered.

The Tri AC sounded raspy with no body for the first 48 hours as the capacitors were burning in, thereafter, it was tube heaven.

Build quality is very good and it feels sturdy.

The Tri AC is a good start with 3 tone banks +1 bypassed. It sounds or it can emulate tube amps extremely well. It is analog and this gives the warm singing harmonics as opposed to raspy digital effects. I challenge Tech 21 to come up with a similar product with 6 tone banks - 2 for each amp style at a reasonable price of course.

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