Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.
Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.

SansAmp TRI-A.C., Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

MGR/Vanwarp 02/13/2002

Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C. : MGR/Vanwarp's user review

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I had the opportunity to test drive the TRI-A.C. at a local music store, but I did not have the cash to pay for it right away. When I returned to pick it up, "they" had already sold the only unit they had on hand. So, needless to say, I will be getting my TRI-A.C. ELSEWHERE...

The TRI-A.C. is a programmable - 3 amp - preamp - stompbox.

Sounds and tone:

The amp selector switch toggles between Californian, British and Tweed amp emulations with corresponding color-coded LED’s - green for clean tweed sounds a la SRV, red for Marshal-esque sounds a la 70's rock, and orange for Mesa modern hi-gain sounds a la System of a Down, Korn, Slipknot, In Flames...they are all in there! The factory preset Twin-style sound is clear and strikingly responsive to one’s playing dynamics. Very impressive...

Also, of importance is the fact that the slightest adjustment of the tone controls results in a considerable change in tone and sounds. Go easy when experimenting. Don't rush anything. Knobs included on the TRI-A.C. are: drive (gain), bass, middle, treble and level.

Ease of Use:

Clicking on any chromed footswitch once activates the unit on and you get a bypass function as well. Tweak the tone controls to edit your sound and click the corresponding footswitch twice in rapid succession and the unit stores your new sound to that switch. Try the factory presets first and then if necessary, edit your sound. Experimentation has never been made easier.

Some may find the sensitivity level of the tone control knobs too delicate for their fingers...

Built to last forever. You can use batteries or a 9V adapter.

If someone offered me the three cool valve amps that inspired the TRI-AC sounds for $200 I’d snap them up even if I knew they were stolen. Hell, I’d probably snap them up for 2000$! But if I did, I still wouldn't have the versatility and ease of use of the TRI-A.C. unit. The sounds offered by this unit are remarkably good. I will be using this unit as an effects pedal, like having an extra three channels for my combo amp, I will plug it directly into a mixing console to see what sounds I can get, I will use it as a recording tool and see how it performs in this capacity.

This is the ideal effects pedal for expanding my amp's capabilities and achieving a “killer” metal sound.

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