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Tech 21 SansAmp TRI-A.C.
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bloodsugar bloodsugar
Publié le 11/24/03 à 00:41
3-channel guitar preamp simulator + HP form of floorboard.
No numerical modeling here is the 100% analog (no lights either)

- 1 In / 1 out.
- A 9V adapter jack (also runs on 9V battery)

- A three-position selector on the type of amp (fender / marshall / mesa)
- 1 knob of drive
- An overall volume knob
- Three EQ knobs (bass / mid / treble)

It's simple, unpretentious.
(May be missing an effects loop on or off according to preset: there would be a must)


The config could not be simpler:

1 - on users press the switch the channel to be adjusted (3 available)
2 - you choose the type of amp (see above)
3 - as it sets the knobs on an amp (drive, EQUAL three bands, volume)
4 - on 'double click' on the switch ... sound is recorded on that channel.

Repeat on the three channels and you've got three distinct sounds.


For connoisseurs and lovers of SansAmp GT2, you will not be disappointed:

- We find the quality of the latter. The type of grain is imitated either to the type fender, marshall or mesa.
- The equalization is very effective - especially the medium - which can really shape the sound (I do not know the freq, Q or gain for each band, but it works)
- The grain of the guitar is respected (not a huge distortion pedal that hard at all) That's a preamp.

I add one point here following numerous tests this weekend. The gain does not get very large distortion (the same position 'california' drive to the bottom) against the other for everything else: clean, crunch, crunch +, overdrive, etc ... is excellent. It is precise and controllable.

Let those who like me were skeptical when he saw disappear settings channels (clean / hi-gain / hot-wired) and micro investments from the GT2 can rest assured that the medium can pauffiner equalization and find the hollows or bumps in these frequencies.

The types of sounds are very varied. Above all, unlike a conventional three-channel preamp (where each channel corresponds to a fixed color clean / crunch / drive) it may well be here three sounds or three sounds crunch distortion ... short, a feast of sound and versatility.


This is a review hot. But with the GT2 for 4 years and it is similar in construction and I think that this notice will remain unchanged:

(+) Simple and solid construction (metal box, switch, knobs and connectors solid and well assembled. It is made in the United States!)
(+) Quality and quantity of available sounds
(+) Easy to use
(+) 3 separate channels
(+) Plugs directly into a console or a sound card.

(-) Blowing high gain (like the GT2, allow at most one gate)
(-) Battery wears out fast food and the sound (like a gate set incorrectly) at the first sign of weakness. Tip: through the power supply!

A wish: an effects loop on or off (adjustable) after the channel. There would be a must.
In the end, good stuff. I would definitely do it again this choice.
I have two products in this brand. For now, one without fail.
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