SonicPulverizer 10/02/2012

Strymon TimeLine : SonicPulverizer's user review

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Easily the most powerful time-based digital effects pedal on the market, the Strymon Timeline has everything but the kitchen sink. The timelines features a rotary control that toggles between 12 separate delay types including, digital, dual, pattern, reverse, ice, duck, swell, trem, filter, lo-fi, d-tape, and dbucket. Between the controls you can tweak in the LED panel and the existing front panel controls, there are a plethora of sounds you can get out of this unit. The timeline comes with 200 presets alone. The looping function is a great addition and is very easy to access and manipulate. Aesthetically, I love the Timeline's departure from the rest of Strymon's catalogue. Very modern and clean.


The sheer amount of front panel control offered on the Timeline makes editing very simple. The foot switches have dual functions for controlling the loop, making it extremely gig friendly. The presets are more than useable and the number of them, while perhaps intimidating to some consumers, allow for many quick fixes and momentary inspirations. The rugged construction of the timeline makes it suitable for studio and touring purposes.


I have used the Timeline with a myriad variety of guitars and amps. I've never had anything but pleasing results using this pedal. The Sharc DSP onboard the Timeline is the same breed used in the Axe Fx standard, ensuring brilliant sound quality all around. Not all of the presets are going to please you, but many of them will.


The Strymon Timeline is brilliant. It is the only digital delay I've used that I couldn't imagine parting with. The sound quality is phenomenal, and the ease of use coupled with the potential for so many separate sounds make this an excellent value and a step above similar offerings. The closest competitor to the Strymon is the Eventide TimeFactor, both of which I've tested. I thoroughly enjoyed the Eventide, but it lacked the evasive mojo that the Timeline boasts so naturally. Pricing can seem lofty, but for the feature set presented, it's more than fair.