Jumikael 01/27/2014

Strymon TimeLine : Jumikael's user review

«  Practice, but gives a sense of incompleteness »

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Everything has been said. We regret the absence of a USB port, however.


The Timeline is relatively simple to use (for me anyway). I appreciate the many controls, however, do not deprive me of the feeling of being constrained by the pedal. Indeed, a Strymon does not share in his "big box pedals" all of this offered smaller pedals (well, the Timeline does not provide all the capabilities of the El Capistan). Second point on a lot of delays with modulations, can be fun to get a simple chorus or tremolo. But I think Strymon has voluntarily restrained pedal not afford to use anything other than a delay pedal. Too bad, because I never feel able to move this machine to its limits.


The sounds are good or excellent for most.
Simulation delay "bucket brigade" against a person by so digitally! A horror for me who loves living organic sounds.


The timeline is a good product, but in my opinion not worth the price that the manufacturer offers. On the one hand because they were not very innovative: so those who had the Timefactor Eventide are not likely to be disoriented because the operation, menus, screen ... all that is broadly similar. On the other hand I can not imagine having the Timeline without side a good analog delay that will not replace the product Strymon (at least not at the level of heat and organic side of the sound).
on the other hand, it is undeniably a delay practice. And for this reason I consider my purchase. I currently have a Superdelay empress I prefer the sounds, but I like being able to save and share presets on my computer.

In summary, I have a very mixed feeling on the beast. Before its release I literally boiling with enthusiasm, but in the end I think they do not go far enough in delirium "delay gas plant / machine delusions" and that feels restrained. I look forward to a successor, at home or at one of their competitors.