Strymon TimeLine : Anonymous 's user review

« Truly comprehensive, a bit anyway reuch »

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- This is a delay pedal (s) digital (s).
- Different algorithms (12) can be edited in the front and more depth via the button "value".
- Comprehensive Connectivity: Stereo or mono in and out, midi in and out, input for expression pedal.
- Note the presence of a switch on the back that allow you to use one input and one output as a send-return, well done!


- The pedal comes in a nice metal case gray mast, it is decorated with 9 and 3 rotary switches.
- 2 9 rotary ("value" and "type") are "endless" and dual function (push and "rotater") they give access either the depth settings for the selected algo or global settings of gear. The three buttons "foot" to navigate through the various banks and trigger looper (rec-dub-play-stop).
- The whole is visually control via a small screen (6 characters) very clear and although a little limited, it is enough to go without taking the horn.
- 15 LEDs, three of which are multicolored allow quick control of what we do.
- The manual is very short, it has the camera and its controls, then each of the algorithms as well as the comprehensive list of #CC.
- Editing the device is very simple, "large" functions are in front (those common to almost all algo), we will have access to more detailed settings and still function the algo via a "push "button" value "(" params "appears on the screen).
- The périf provides a complete or nearly via midi control, which was decisive for my purchase. It responds very well to receiving CC. The time code, although a little bit buggy (nothing really, but still) is interpreted, if one does not play to win too time code received with the rotating "time". This feature is great because it allows the effects of furious via the knob "time", then the machine is realigned as soon as the break - BPM is sometimes misunderstood or not understood at all, in this case it is sufficient to a bit of a rotating "time" to force the machine to readjust to his master.
- The screen will display the choice the bank number or name of the preset. He also used to display the time BPM or MS, practices in both cases.
- The looper is more convenient to use and works pretty well, it's fluid, a little up for the opportunity to record with or without delay, and also for the opportunity to turn the looper and delay in switch mode, for process input, creepy!


- The sound is very effective, it's not delay effects that I miss, but I admit that I like this one particularly, it is capable of amazing things while still remaining very musical. Ideal for sound design and creation of animated textures, it will of course be out of place in more traditional use.
- The different algo all have their own signature but overall is very consistent and finally the machine to a sound all its own, rather muffled or soft, it can be super modern or vintage and also great space. The set is very precise and much in detail, it will be appreciated for the AC filter 'achement useful for those who want to go looking for detailed, precisely.
- In addition to the filter, the presence of the pot. "Grit" that will tarnish or destroy the processed signal and a modulation which we can adjust the speed and depth ("speed" and "depth") make the incomparable Timeline.
- Note that on most algos, it is impossible to twist the delay, as on analog, with rept 'to infinity, here, the volume is controlled by software, if I understand correctly, thus hand with the effect "dBucket" you can ski from one week leaving feedback to catch it not explode his set of monitors and eardrums Martine ... Well done too, even if AC will be about problem in some case. The algorithm "dBucket" acts as an analog old at this level.

Overall this delay is "very clean" even when the processed signal is drastically deteriorating. He can be very thick (thank you filter and "grit"), but also very quiet (thank you HPF). The whole is lively if desired, organic wish to (thank you modulation). Once tried in stereo, it becomes difficult to use it in mono, it is excellent at rendering.

He is comfortable in all directories, I guess, I can be as tweaker and so the sound is clean. I have been possible for beautiful dub good time, I also dabbled as Basic Channel and UR atmosphere (I use it for now on a Streichfett), very cool!


- I received yesterday morning.
- I have a lot of delay effects.
- The entire machine is very nice, as well as the use of listening, it really is not tiring at all, quite the contrary.
- Timeline to the air and is undoubtedly very strong, so much the better!
- The Q / P is actually too high, in my eyes, a hundred euros less would have been more "fair" as they say over there, but once tasted, it will be a little cague it must admit.

Needless to say, I'm thoroughly on this delay, if it breaks I rechoperai a ..

It could possibly enjoy a feature that would stall the "speed" of the received time code modulation, and the ability to divide the tempo for much crazy effects!