Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop
Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop

DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop, Distortion from Boss.

Faber_FDM 08/02/2013

Boss DS-1 Distortion - Full Rock - Modded by MSM Workshop : Faber_FDM's user review

«  A complete and very effective mod. »

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It is a very complete mod Boss DS-1 offers two additional switches, one on the side of the tone that offers three types of clipping: Led, Boost and Germanium (left to right) and other 'on the side of the gain which offers two levels of gain.


I sent my pedal was moddée by MSM Workshop workshop so I can not say anything about the kit itself and easy to change. So I'll just say that the pedal is very easy to use, we see pretty quickly that the sound has been changed, it is more balanced, and that is the sound that you want very quickly. For the rest, it's the Boss DS-1. It is simple and adjustments are known.


First, I want to say that I like the DS-1, it's a great pedal which can be found on the full record of the 90s I listened. For me, this is THE grain alternative rock I like (Ride, Weezer, Pixies, Nirvana, etc..). Of course, it also has many flaws. The main is that to spend 10h on Tone, you really have to be a pervert of the worst kind, the highs are screaming so they would come to milk a donkey. So, what I expected from this model is that it solves this problem while keeping the original grain of the pedal. It is this and better yet! As I am not a technical expert, I'm just trying to explain how it differs from the original. Germanium position, right, this is about the sound of the original, but without the highs that fart head. The race Tone is now fully usable. The pedal retains its mythical grain, slightly more compressed maybe. In the left position, the LED, the sound is much fuller, balanced, you feel a rising bass and the sound is much less compressed, more natural. It's beautiful. The middle position, Boost, seems very close to the LED, but with just a little more volume, maybe a tad clearer, but it is not so obvious. The second switch attenuates the gain a little and makes the fat sound. Personally, this is how I prefer the sound of this pedal because even reduced the gain is consistent fashion. It is therefore not necessary to think that the mod transforms into overdrive distortion. It's just that the distortion is more natural, less 'fuzzy' when the switch is engaged. In the end, my favorite position is the LED with the switch 'low gain' engaged. In this position, with my Gibson SG, I can really play the volume knob to go from a week light has a fat crunch. Then I boost pedal with a Maxon OD-808 and I get creamy leads to perfection.
I tested the pedal a Marshall JCM 2000 and tried to compare the sound of the pedal that saturated the Marshall channel. It is very close. The pedal is still a little less natural, but for me, this is important too. When I use the DS-1, I want a sound a tad lo-fi. For a simulation of outright Marshall, there are other pedals (like Barber Direct Drive, MI Audio Crunch Box).


In the end, it really is a great pedal. The grain of the DS-1, but a fuller sound and a wider range of sounds.
Say I have tried many other models before, this is an understatement, I played everything and anything (like pedals cheap Danelectro Fab Tone to Zvex Box of Rock through the Barber , the Boss, the Tech 21, Ibanez, etc..). This pedal is in the top of the basket is a real Swiss Army knife at the same time a recognizable sound of a thousand. Tired of your DS-1? I highly recommend this mod.
PS / Just a note: I'm a fan of alternative rock and I play pop and rock music. So I can not speak to the qualities of this pedal perspective fans Satriani & Co this mod may also be of interest.