Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus
Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus

Distortus Maximus, Distortion from Krank Amplification.

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sickfuzz 06/16/2009

Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus : sickfuzz's user review


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Analog distortion pedal.
Standard connectors in, out, and DC 9V jack type Boss.
Gain, treble, mid, bass and master volume.

The case is solid and barely bigger than a Boss, the buttons are aluminum, the footswitch is a 3PDT mechanical standard and the pedal is true bypass.
4 rubber pads screwed like those dunlop wah ensure the stability of the pedal.
All this contributes to the impression of strength and to provide good mechanical stability to this pedal.

Until the electronic circuit and component selection, everything was done to the image of their amps and with the same quality problems except two points:

First access to the stack since no trap, use a screwdriver and unscrew the back plate and then the absence of electronic protection and filtering of power supply, what is bcp most serious cases of error handling or use of a PSU that filters bad so be careful.


In my opinion this pedal is perfect for those looking to add a level of saturation of the gain or overdrive light scratching a bit at the distal large sharp metal lamp.
The rendering quality will depend greatly on the amp used, but the constant and more clarity and precision that heat even if the pedal is not lacking.
I guess on a transistor amp without too much focus on the settings you can quickly get to sound hyper aggressive and cold.
Lamp with an amp it is very close to the grain krank revolution.


The sound or sounds rather have a character close to a Marshall JCM800 boosted with more shiny and clean bass, very good high gain sum.

It's a pedal that is well designed and that stands out from what is available elsewhere on both the electronic and the noise level.

Having been open, the electronic circuit is designed very intelligently and provides a consistent saturation while retaining good definition and little compression which may not be suitable for all the world and that means above all a good dynamic and airy sound.
It was also a great opportunity to gain control with the volume knob on the guitar.

While walking on their flower beds, it is far from a metal box or a metal muff, which both have much more compressed sound eq but offering more opportunities.

edit: It blows little gain in depth.


I must say I was a little amazed by the quality workmanship, sound and versatility of this pedal it would be a pity to confine the metal sounds which she excels.

Those who seek the grain of krank revolution series or a good channel high gain modern and precise, this pedal is for you.

Having said all this does not justify the price I think nine of this pedal.