Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus
Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus

Distortus Maximus, Distortion from Krank Amplification.

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kenshiro974 03/29/2009

Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus : kenshiro974's user review


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Analogue distortion pedals, makes the United States, the case feels solid and good in qualitalimentation 9V, however, little problem with the buttons, the button level has remained in my hands and Obviously you need a allen cl (a little) to tighten everything, but nothing very good mchant, but hey I drop a little note: let's say 9


Setup is extremely simple, 5 knobs, you branches, you run and you're mine jou ocaz did not buy the manual, but hey, I'm not REALLY need a red LED illuminates when the effect is switched on the box is a bit big, but it does not impede me!
CSTA however the battery is in dvissant 4 nuts under the pedals, which can seem a bit boring over time, because not too easy to ACCS, but hey, I 'uses a one spot, so in my case I forget the battery power!


Finally it comes the essential: the sound is excellent! I have a full amp lamp, laney lc30II, that does not really saturated channel thus I use the pedals as Krank saturation, I can tell you that it is doing its job, the 'trs legalization is progressive, the sound is clean and super sharp prcis the headroom is more than enough, I can get well for my heavy rhythm, for his lead, I glue a TS9 upstream (booster wholesale) history to have more gain, I am satisfied with TRS! with the wah wah over, the foot, frankly, I tested a lot of distortion before: ds1, metal zone, Marshall Shredmaster etc., but none can hold a candle to my krank, fan m tal edge, it is for you, a real killing


I use it for a few months, I was looking for a good distortion (or a real channel plutt saturpour my amp, I am more than happy, I love the sound, the look, the simplicity of r tings, however small problems with the knobs that you remain in the hands bore me a little, but with good cl rgl the problem quickly!
I tested a lot of the pedals before that, none of them convinced me, too showy, or lack of personality and gain, krank is perfect for my use.
I would do without this choice hsiter! I love it!