Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus
Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus

Distortus Maximus, Distortion from Krank Amplification.

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sephiroth-grinder 09/10/2006

Krank Amplification Distortus Maximus : sephiroth-grinder's user review


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Analog distortion pedal made in United States
9V power adapter not supplied by
the pedal is a bit bigger than my electric hamonix Holy Grail, so it's clear, is far more imposing than a boss pedal niarf niarf
the pedal is stored in its cardboard box tailor-fitted with its warranty card.
good overview


Solid metal casing hyper, no worries about that, against a knob by unscrewing when the machine is new it's not necessarily always fun, especially when the knobs are set by two mini-screws that need a "mini key Hallen" and there Luckily I had the key to tuning my BC Rich Speedloader, the Supreme loose come upon one who has none ...
5potards, in fact it looks like a normal channel amp head, one treble, one midrange, one bass, one volume and a gain ... after you arm it on your clean channel and its fate!
no manual but hey, is not out of St-Cyr on how the machine works, after all it's just a distortion pedal!


-Then there is the problem in May I think the pedal has nothing to do but rather that it comes from my universal adapter: a constant buzz and strong enough, having no noisegate effective, it sucks the block ! it's weird though, my DS-1 Boss from home with the same adapter does not have as much buzz!
I tested on a small amp transistor 20Watt and my head H & K trilogy tube, its clear, no effects added, the bug is well spit watts without a doubt! is finicky, it finds its (not his SON not veronica lol) and off you go and that's where I have personal blocked! too low for me, its not accurate enough, note that I am still far from being a sound engineer but when Also, I thought immediately found a sound of death that kills, but nay ...
the sound is clear, however, stands out more than the ultra sound of my head trilogy, and yet it is what I was looking for originality, but maybe I'm just a fan of his vintage hehe ...
I put 6 because it sends personal but it did not rain!


1 week of use but I'm still not satisafait, I tested a lot of material, it is clear that this pedal sends the puree, but you have to like that sound new-generation, personal me the guitar that disgusting low, I am not too fan, I have a bass player and I respect him;)
try it yourself anyway, is s personal view as I would change one day, but now I like my work and my midrange treble ...
otherwise good stuff and apart from the scope of this resistance knob under the foot, it's heavy and it has in the belly!