Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

warlus1 08/08/2011

Radial Engineering Hot British : warlus1's user review

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Distortion with a lamp (12AX7)
volume, treble, bass, contour, drive
3 eq knobs used as: a curve for the treble, one for the medium, for the last boost.


In use:
The box is metal (solid) but the switch on / off required a replacement (at the same time, a new switch is € 20 max)

It was on a sound: the gain of 2 to give her an ACDC, from 7, it is up, the rest of the race has no effect (and frankly, it's already out of 5 huge). To give you an idea, it is the distortion of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.

Treble and bass knobs are effective and to define the sound you want.

The eq section is very well: it does not alter the sound of the pedal, it "adds" of sound:
eq acute:
bottom: one is the "muffled"
center: the normal foot
Up-bee adds to the distortion, you get to the register of metal.

Eq medium:
Bottom: curve of the linear equalizer
center: in the low midrange (the metal)
top: bump in the medium (the rock)

Eq Boost:
bottom: no boost
Center: 7 db
top: 12 db

Note that the button "contour" acts on the positioning of the center of the curve of the medium but is not as effective as the "outline of a fender amp (for example). Its effect is more like a tone knob.

The race of the buttons exceeds that of the visual cues (it's going to the 13/10)

I never use the boost but for those who use it, it lacks a switch to activate or not useful for a solo boost.


Knobs and buttons change the sound very well but we always recognize the sound of the pedal.

To make his "modern" consider adding an EQ pedal after.

If the sound becomes "runny" it has that certain frequencies eat up the other, consider changing the lamp.

Test your amp as an amplifier to another, the sound is very different (sometimes bad!)


I had already done a review (Warlingham) but I make a new account ... Since I changed the lamp and its defects have disappeared. Know that there is a circuit "analog", so it's not a pedal "full light" (we understand).

I was looking for a tube distortion and I'm not disappointed.