Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

malade 09/27/2009

Radial Engineering Hot British : malade's user review


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Yes c is perfect

The edition of the sounds is very specific and varies


Very nice distortion, the lamp filled with a good job (I'll change it for such a best)
I play on a series guitareIbanez I plug the S on my Tonebone BOSS VF 1 which is connected to two combo amp Peavy Bandit 112 Sheffield Transtube stereo c is the total I go from blues to heavy as anything


Over the past year
other tube pedals have s very rare in-store
it happens to mention a Boss not hold a candle to a Tonebone
Well a little expensive but I regret it is $ 200 Canadian a c pedals Quality