Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

Warlus 05/09/2009

Radial Engineering Hot British : Warlus's user review


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High-gain distortion equalization lamp with 27 presets (I will return)

1 volume

for the portion distortion
An acute rglage
An adjustable low
A contour
A gain

equalization for the part
3 positions a potentiometer for treble
A potentiometer for position 3 mediums
A 3-position potentiometer boost


The use could not be easier ... you pressed the button and ca ... loose sauce or pure ....
The distal part:
the volume of the distortion: the silence over

the acute rglage bees and adds volume in the high and low rglage up the volume low.

set the gain 1 / 10 gives you the sound ac / dc and 7 / 10 Sounds Pleymo (increases the bees but it is recognized trs though the sound of the pedals. Beyond the 7 / 10, you hear no diffrence

contour button works with some of the positions qualisation (see below): But the outline should be more like a button Whereas Tone.
Part qualisation
potentiomtre the first played on the treble
1st position: we cut the treble
2nd position: qualiseur plastic (acute = low)
3rd position: Acute max, which is to say distortion max
Beware the final volume is greatly changed with the button (position 3 = volume).
the deuxime potentiomtre plays on medium:
1st position: qualiseur flat.
2nd position: digging mdium (his mtal)
3rd position: increased mdium reduced acute and lightweight (the rock)
button to position the contour will occur in the spectrum curve modified when choosing the 2nd or troisime position.
the troisiemme potentiomtre serves boost:
1) shot 2) 7dB boost + 3) + 12 dB boost

3potentiometres 3-position: 27 equalization possible ... Now, in real life, the first potentiometer is almost always the bottom, the second position 2 or 3 and troisime is often shot.
10/10 for this part because there are many posibilities

BUT CHANGE THE LAMP IS A @ M% OF: you must remove all the buttons (by shooting) without losing the washers, the input and output cables (with a cl dvisser and cover with cl a hexagonal shape. APRS have disassemble the animal, we are faced with what I call "card-mre." We change the lamp, it goes back to the unit (in pestifer Rant of the tissues located on the 3 potentiomtres qualisation (ca empcher the dusts used to enter through it ...) short impractical. 2 / 10


They say it makes a sound "marshall" I personally do not like her .... and fortunately I did not find the sound with the Marshall pedals. The distortion is trssche the game palm-mute trs is good, it seems to be part of Deftones

The light plays its rle.

True-bypass: no need to power the pedals (but personally I've never understood the interest to plug your guitar effect that is not food ...

The amp that you plug in the animal has great importance: Resistors little amp supports it (in other words, the sound is pourave), I test cube roland, marshall valve , laney and only with what marriage silent serene c'tait on an old Fender amp HOT (playing with the control of the amp). The potentiometer of the pedals affecent normment sound. Amp ....: a lamp that pleasure, the other an amp the sound is radically DIFFERENT trs but still good, the distortion of the potentiometers affect the sound to a lesser extent. The only amp that I have not heard of diffrence between the distortion of the amp and the Tonebone, c'tait on a H & K trilogy mounted on a cabinet Engl ... to recall the trilogy 8 lamps (if I'm not mistaken), the Radial has a.

the sound of the pedals that even when high-gain old school but an equalizer paste it in the ass and it's happiness.
7 / 10 (because of the amps Resistors)
I do not want the sound of famous people.


I had occas € 150 (€ 260 new) I think it is CHRE but many people (local businesses in instruments) who did not know this PDAL n'taient not surprised by the price and felt that was worth ca.

I love the sound it loose, it is not comparable to the Boss. I intend to do a video test in July beginners ...

Now the Argus is € 130 but you will not find it under € 150.

two tips: the les paul, the sound is too fat (draft) lorsqueje plays on the neck pickup with the gain of the distortion of the del 5 / 10.

the sound volume lost after the end of life of the switch (APRS 7 years of service) so the pedals is currently in repair.