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Distortions user reviews

  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

    Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - "Awful sounding"


    The Boss MT-2 is one of the more infamous pedals in the Boss line up, and I don't mean that in a good way. Boss set out to create a crazy "heavy metal" to cater towards the metal scene that was prominent at the time. It features a level knob, disto…

  • Boss DS-1 Distortion

    Boss DS-1 Distortion - "The #1 go-to distortion pedal"


    The Boss DS-1 is one of the most iconic distortion pedals out there. It has been used by nearly ever major artist at one point in time including Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. It features three knobs -- a distortion knob, a level knob and a tone knob.…

  • Amt Electronics Du Hast

    Amt Electronics Du Hast - "Great Tone"


    This is one heavy pedal! The tone from this pedal is amazing. It has a very Germany heavy metal tone that is very rich and chewy. This pedal is not for the faint of heart of some pop music sensation trying to rock out. This is a full blown high gain …

  • Amt Electronics Tweed Sound

    Amt Electronics Tweed Sound - "sounds good"


    The classic series from AMT in my opinion is the best sounding pedals that they offer. I like the tone and how close they come to sounding like a real amp. I have to give this disclaimer though that I am not a distortion pedal guy and I like to get m…

  • Amt Electronics California Sound

    Amt Electronics California Sound - "It's ok"


    This is AMT's attempt at a Carvin Legacy amp or a Mesa Boogie. Probably somewhere in between the two amps. This has a distinct AMT tone but in a catagory all its own. It sounds really good if you are going for that tone but in my opinion it doesn't l…

  • Amt Electronics Metalizer

    Amt Electronics Metalizer - "Metal Core"


    This pedal really does shine in the high gain metal doom tones. You can get this pedal cranking into just about any nu-metal type rock tone you can think of. If you are a meaty chug rhythm type metal player or even lead metal tones than this pedal wi…

  • Amt Electronics Extreme III

    Amt Electronics Extreme III - "Great pedal"


    This pedal is labeled a fuzz pedal and it can do that, but it does so much more.This pedal is great tone for those going for a modern rock tone. The range that the gain makes is widely open and busy. It has a very articulate distortion and fuzz tone …

  • Boss ML-2 Metal Core

    Boss ML-2 Metal Core - "Not great but better than HM"


    This pedal doesn't suck. I wouldn't say it is terrible but it is still a very lousy Metal distortion pedal. There are several pedal out there that do a decent metal tone for a pedal but this really isn't one of them. I do have to say that pedal is le…

  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

    Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - "Sub-par distortion pedal."


    This is a metal distortion pedal. It has a load of gain on tap, a distortion knob, and a four band EQ consisting of High, Low, Mid, and middle frequency. It has an input, an output, and a standard BOSS style center negative 9V DC jack. UTILIZATION …

  • DigiTech Grunge

    DigiTech Grunge - "Good Distortion"


    This is a good distortion pedal. It can do from heavier blues to metal. It has a Volume Knob, a Bass Knob, a Tone Knob, and a Gain Knob (labeled Grunge). Despite it's name, this is NOT a pedal for Grunge. This is more of a metal pedal in my opinion. …