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Hardware Sequencers user reviews

  • Quasimidi Style Drive

    Quasimidi Style Drive - julolive's review


    C is a storekeeper and dump all MIDI information. The arranger recognizes 12 Variations on the chord. C is the machine that MIDI offers the most creativity. Price era 5350 F UTILIZATION Handbook in French Never test Functions and operatin…

  • Yamaha QY700

    Yamaha QY700 - patrice_'s review


    Sequencer comprehensive multi-function: - Section "SONG": 32 MIDI tracks + 1 + 1 Pattern track Track 1 Track Chord + TEMPO Pattern and the Chord track can store styles, and agreement section (arranger). Tempo track to record changes in tempo -…

  • M.F.B. Step 64

    M.F.B. Step 64 - ricou2222's review


    1 in / 4 out out noon + cv / gate. no entry cv / gate, a peak for this type of sequencer. UTILIZATION even a bike with all the functions go through 2 or 3 pots max, ie, absolutely not practice live, I feel back to the worst keyboards of 80 '. but…

  • Akai Professional ASQ-10

    Akai Professional ASQ-10 - radikal's review


    Twelve o'clock complete connectivity (2 ins and 4 outs!), C is the forgotten grandfather of mpc akai invented by Roger Linn, rare very few sold al epoque. remove some of your mpc sampler and you have a asq10. UTILIZATION C is easy as a machine …

  • Roland MC-50

    Roland MC-50 - fredonitro's review


    Midi: 1in 2out 1thru pedal switch .... No effect is squenceur hardcore. UTILIZATION The config is simple I found lol. You just have to venture a peu.Aprs we know it well. Manuel ok. OVERALL OPINION This is my first squenceur, an…

  • Korg ElecTribe Em-1

    Korg ElecTribe Em-1 - DiZ69's review


    <ul> What connections (audio, MIDI ...)? </ul> Audio Connectors: 1 x STREO type jack (1gauche; 1droit) 1 headphone (type jack) Note: The headphone plug is connected after the main exit, left = mono jack MIDI Connectors: In, Out, Through. …

  • Akai Professional MPC3000

    Akai Professional MPC3000 - Ralipé's review


    The 3000 can even stand on their May will be especially great midi sequencer the sampler and basic level of publishing, however, he fills his role well especially with the new bone and 3.50 makes the 3000 stand-alone. No effect this is a time and a g…

  • Roland MT-200

    Roland MT-200 - " Curious gear ..."


    Sequencer: 240 000 Notes on 5 tracks, Save to USB Drive 3.5 "integrated. Sound Modules: Type Sound Canvas, 317 sounds + 10 drumkits, an effects module, 32-note polyphony, polytimbralité: 16. Connections: MIDI: 1 out, 1 thru, 2 in. Pedals: Start / Sto…

  • Roland MV-8800

    Roland MV-8800 - Stéphanopiano's review


    All caractériqtiques are available on the official websites (eg www.rolandus.com) The connectors are perfect ... but it lacks a digital input of origin! UTILIZATION I recently (like 1 month) and have not found any shortcuts "keyboard" that I mi…

  • Yamaha QX5

    Yamaha QX5 - marzacdev's review


    What connection (audio, MIDI ...)? Full MIDI implementation (In, Out, Through) A footswitch jack (Record on / off) An audio tape (backups and sync) Metronome audio output What are the characteristics of the sequencer? 8-track sequencer, 3…

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