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  • Roland MC-808

    Roland MC-808 - Nhcool's review


    The sequencer is powerful, the Groove Quantize are still present. There are 16 runs ahead on the mc 505 y 'had only 8. Y 'sound has tons, more than enough for any style of compounds apart from film music style can be john william and again. UTI…

  • Roland MC-303

    Roland MC-303 - RIOFU's review


    Hello which software to connect my pc to 303 mc and how connections? in order to write my sounds on CD thank you to you …

  • Korg ElecTribe EMX1

    Korg ElecTribe EMX1 - burebista's review


    See more details of the manufacturer and other notices for details. But we must still say that the outputs 3 / 4 are very useful, and the fact that the tracks are monophonic synth is very <span class="arial-24-gris-b">annoying.</span> UTILIZATIO…

  • Akai Professional MPC500

    Akai Professional MPC500 - diazdevil's review


    <ul class="ul"> What connection (audio, MIDI ...)? </ul> Not much unfortunately, but good enough! <ul> He has an effects section? </ul> Yeah but not really top, anyway I do not use. UTILIZATION Config ultra simple, I have n…

  • Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII

    Elektron Monomachine SFX60 MKII - ob-1's review


    see details on the site elektron: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.elektron.se/products/?sPage=info&sProd=ES_SFX60MK2.std" target="_blank"> http://www.elektron.se/products/?sPage=info&sProd=ES_SFX60MK2.std</a> 9 / 10, because for me its only re…

  • Roland MC-505

    Roland MC-505 - Nhcool's review


    - Midi out and in, I know if there &#39;s the port thru - There is an effect section: several reverbs on one side, several of the other delays, and a button for efx, which is composed of many effects as the limiter, compressor, enhancer, lo fi cho…

  • Roland MC-808

    Roland MC-808 - mostelle's review


    See other reviews. BUT it lacks an input jack for receiving a pedal with assignable MIDI effect. Genre Sustain, Start, Modulation, etc. .... It also lacks a MIDI THROUGH, it was not hard to make anyway .... A further negative point is that when…

  • Korg ElecTribe Es-1 MkII
  • Akai Professional MPC1000 Black

    Akai Professional MPC1000 Black - ferdji's review


    effect but can not buy for that. The only filter that seems to me well at the moment is going down. UTILIZATION A little more complicated than a 2000 with Os JJ essential. I like the resample function to hand out. In my case I really know the…

  • Yamaha RM1X

    Yamaha RM1X - djchris62's review


    Everything has been said about the characteristics of this machine UTILIZATION looking for a relatively simple initially can be found quickly these dens SOUNDS then the sounds of techno and dance then I think it really gives a lot of that is …