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  • ADAM A3X Review

    ADAM A3X Review - The Tiny ADAM


    An ADAM speaker for under $300? Yes, what used to be a dream is now reality thanks to the small A3X equipped with a 4.5" woofer and the German manufacturer's famous ribbon tweeter. Does it have everything a big speaker has?

  • Focal CMS 40 Review

    Focal CMS 40 Review - Focal Point


    These monitor speakers ought to be of interest to mobile home studio owners or people who have a very small room to play or mix music. Following the Focal CMS 65 and CMS 50, the CMS 40 is even smaller but not less appealing...

  • Tannoy Reveal 601a Mini-Review

    Tannoy Reveal 601a Mini-Review - Tannoy Reveals Itself


    At the start of the 2010 season, Tannoy, the famous studio monitor manufacturer, updated the Reveal series — its entry level product range. We had the opportunity to review the Reveal 601a, a powered loudspeaker monitor with a 6.5" driver...

  • Adam A8X Review

    Adam A8X Review - The Return of the Ribbon


    It has become a yearly tradition for the German manufacturer ADAM AUDIO to launch a brand new product for the Musikmesse trade show in Frankfurt (Germany). Trade shows are meant for that, aren't they? This year was no exception for the trendy loudspeaker manufacturer. The proof is the new active studio monitor speaker A8X that complements the alre…

  • ADAM S3X-H Review

    ADAM S3X-H Review - ADAM X-Rated


    First launched in 2009 at Musikmesse, the ADAM S3X-H is the successor of the jewel in the crown of its previous product range. But is it really an innovation or just an upgrade from the German manufacturer? R&D is back...

  • Zoom R16 Review

    Zoom R16 Review - Zoom R16: All-Rounder


    DAW systems are good but you don't always have a computer by when you feel the rush to record music. Mini studios were created for that purpose: they are practical solutions but not very comprehensive nor ergonomic. That's why Zoom launched the R16, an hybrid tool you can use as digital audio interface, controller and standalone mini studio. Let's…

  • SSL X-Desk Review

    SSL X-Desk Review - SSL X-Desk: Art for All?


    2009 was a year of changes and Solid State Logic got it perfectly. More than ever, the British manufacturer wanted to perpetuate its leading position in the professional analog mixer market launching a new product, the most refined of all: the X-Desk, a compact, 16-channel, analog line mixer developed for project studios. This human-sized mixer ar…

  • Mackie Onyx 820i Review

    Mackie Onyx 820i Review - Pro-Tools inside a Mackie?


    It's been a while since the first Onyx mixers with the FireWire option first came out, and now Mackie carries on with the Onyx 820i, which comes with Pro Tools M-Powered 8. what does M-Audio think about that?

  • M-Audio BX8a Deluxe: The Test

    M-Audio BX8a Deluxe: The Test - Deluxe with a plain price


    After having updated its entire range of audio interfaces, M-Audio now looks to update its monitors, especially in the wake of their excellent high-level EXS66 monitors. These updates have had great results on the small Studiophile AV40, so let’s see what’s happened to the BX8a, for which a Deluxe version was recently released.

  • Line 6's Backtrack+Mic: The Test

    Line 6's Backtrack+Mic: The Test - Backtrack To Inspiration


    Unfortunately, we often realize too late that we should have recorded what we just played. How many times have you wished that you could go back in time and hit the record button right before inspiration hit you? Line6 has come up with something along these lines with its portable recorder, the Backtrack, a small device that lets you save a take a…