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Thread Pro Tools 7 (Mac) Need advice to update!

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1 Pro Tools 7 (Mac) Need advice to update!
Hi, I need to update my old Pro Tools/Mac setup. I'll appreciate your advices (non too expensive stuff, please)

My old stuff:
Mac G5 Dual 2.3 Power PC (To iMac or Mac Mini?)
Mac OS X 10.4.11
Pro Tools LE 7.4
MBox 2 Pro (the blue one, from around 2007) (Could I keep it?)

Thanks so much in advance
If I were you, I'd get a new iMac or Mac Mini (for which you'd need an external monitor), a Thunderbolt interface (Apollo Twin Duo or Solo, or a less expensive unit like ( Zoom Tac-2 or Tac-2R are possibilities, although I've never tried one), and get Pro Tools 12. A lower price option would be to go with a USB interface, for example a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. If you get PT12, you'll have to pay either a monthly subscription fee or resign yourself to the $199 per year upgrade fee. Or, you could get a copy of PT 11, which is still available at some dealers. Even running PT 11, you'd be much more up to date software wise. The other option would be to keep the Mbox 2 Pro, buy a used FireWire-equipped Mac running an older version of OS X (Mavericks or Mountain Lion), and get PT10 or 11. I'm pretty sure your interface would be work with the correct driver, but you should check into that more closely. Check this page for more info on the most recent drivers available for your interface: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/download/Mbox-2-Pro-Drivers
The second route would be cheaper, but you'd be getting an out of date system right out of the box.
Thanks so much Mike, I'll follow your advices (I think I'll choose the first option) Thanks again!:lol: