jaylv 01/09/2010

Audio-Technica AT2035 : jaylv's user review


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See feature in the other opinion.

I bought € 159 in "Microphone"

Comes with suspension kit and a proper leather. Unfortunately this kit can contain only the microphone or the suspension. (Hence my 9 / 10)

Note that this is the same capsule as the AT2020 with two more functions that are essential for me:
Pad-10dB of attenuation (see below)
A cut-down to compensate for the proximity effect (on some serious voice for example)
These 2 explain more my choice for this microphone rather than the AT2020 microphone as they make this much more versatile.


I use it for one month principally to record voiceover commentary for documentaries. (NB: I am a sound engineer for turning)
I use a pop filter <strong>Studio Projects SP-MPF</strong> screen sound Vicoustic Flexi Screen lite.
I use my mixer I Sounddevices 302 for filming as the preamplifier.
I record the voice quiet apartments or home (not short cab studio!) And this little config. gives me satisfaction.
The hiss level is very satisfactory, the tone of voice is respected and intelligibility is always good.
In short, the results are very good price in relation to the microphone, I even received the following comment by a director after mixing his film: "... I am very pleased with Monday's taken, the voice of Katherine Password well, technically, the catch is impeccable. The mixer was hard to believe we had done it in a basement with a tiny piece of foam, it just had to ask the voices and just rework !

On the other hand, I made a recording of an acoustic guitar and singing with my son guitarist.
Me at the very timbre of the instrument and voice found its place in the mix without any problem.
I also did a quick test mono overhead on a battery to test the resistance of the microphone at high pressures: With the-10db pad engaged, there was no problem and I hit hard! (Without the pad, I reached the limit, which is normal)
In short, if you are looking for a mic too expensive and versatile for lots of things, you can go there without fear.

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