theaudioandvideoguy 05/31/2012

RODE NT1 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

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I have used he NT1 microphone many times in the last year or 2. Generally the NT1 microphone was made to be an affordable mic. But then it turned into being a top quality mic overnight. I think Rhode was actually surprised by the success of it and its popularity. This mic brand new doesn’t cost that much at all compaired to some mics on the market. For all the mics in the 100 to 300 dollar range the NT1 could be your best bet. This mic is still being sold and hasn’t been replace yet to the best of my knowledge. It actually replaced the older model (cant remember what the name was). But every since this mic came out a lot of people have been using it in major and small studios.


Overall, the mic is very affordable and it’s a must have for you. I feel that if you are recording at home and need a top notch mic for a good price (and who doesn’t need that) then this is the one you will need to get. You can also try it and if you don’t like it you can take it back. But I am almost sure you will love it and not return it. You can even find some of these used online for half of what they cost brand new. I recently saw one on guitar centers website under the used section and thought about getting it for a back up mic to have around but didn’t get it. The one that I have has been holding up great and I don’t think it will every go out on me (knock on wood). it’s a great value for the price and im happy having it. I didn’t try the other model before this one came out but I just cant remember the name of it. They don’t make it anymore though.