Native Instruments Maschine MKII
Native Instruments Maschine MKII

Maschine MKII, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

crazymilk57 03/24/2014

Native Instruments Maschine MKII : crazymilk57's user review

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easy installation, no worries (I tested on windows and osx)
very clear manual, while nickel


macbook pro model 8gig mid-2012, i5 2.5 GHz (and audio card scarlett 8i6)

the software runs well, my original hard drive makes changing vst when browse sounds a bit slow but as I prefer to create my own synth I do not parcour as ca the library provided.

configuration is super stable.


I use it for 6 months. I tested many machine before but this is my first type daw software.

I was looking to replace my Octatrack (as by clear to me at file transfers, etc. of set)

I wanted a sort of daw actually a friend and wanted to separate from his maschine so I could test my own way and try to take him before.

I love:

bank samples, ease of use (very simple), the ability to customize everything, his title track groups, pattern, audio routgaes while remaining very ergonomic.

the controller, a near perfect integration with the app. is not looking at the screen if not to, the knobs are well although I would ptetre loved one or two assignable faders and more.

the drumsynth.
I loved my machinedrum, I love these synths as much battery super simple practice to understand and very versatile. I love it.

macro control assignable to each hierarchy levels (sounds, groups and projects)

a criticism I could make is that it is not so simple to program lengths of notes with the step sequencer. (It is possible but there submenu), only downside

Another gripe that maschine does not communicate perfectly noon. sending cc remains impossible for the moment it seems.

last flat, unable to disable some windows and resize everything has its convenience. a lil screen (13 inch macbook) is a bit boring.

here is to be honest if you have a pc that runs well. ca rolls alone, ergonomics hard with the possibility and ease of soft. and above the price at which it is found used, nothing to complain about a lot of possibilities with the original maschine bundle and then we can always add our own vst so no complaints.