Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

SPmageau 09/08/2004

Epiphone Les Paul Standard : SPmageau's user review


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piphone les paul shape, made in Korea it seems to me
22 hambuckers two frets, two volume pots and two pots tonalitbr /> slcteur a three position (exellent compared to models such 5position Fender Squier Stratocaster etc.)
mine is cherry burst finish


Good is not the handle of ibanez, a bit more peace of soaps that our friends the shredders.

Easy Access in a sharp contrast the reputable but it is far from being nirvana in any way this guitar, it is chosen for the Personal of the Paul not the fast which we runs through the handle.

I find it so heavy that her older sister gibson but hey, you feel a weight on the shoulder (take a jumper off preferences, I have a big thing in leather)

I have long wondered what use the Tone knobs for ... but hey we will not be reluctant

Warning: Be careful with the straps locks, Dunlop and Shaller screws have finer than those on the original lp, and the trend is towards a bar, Do not hesitate to pour a pot of glue wood and ca is (mine was almost high enough to hush because of the screw has barr). Also between the jack tends to tighten the dvisser think quite often

but other than that, this instrument is a fantastic view Aesthetics (although it is a matter of taste) is a beautiful guitar trs


Well, when this achte scratches, you pay more Bestio the microphones that are on it ...
is not catastrophic but it is not so far even when the drama
In the light can be trs ca blues, warm sound, not too aggressive if you stay on the rhythm position
ds, but we force on the distal (for hard rock or metal), ... Sound is a mess with such sharp razor blade (hyper screaming) rhythms dgueulasses ... trebble about the position, I use it almost ever ... it's even worse than the rhythm position))))

I just got the DiMarzio I install it tomorrow I will say the new

added 05/09/04

then change microphones, post and view a little late;)

It sounds monstrous, rhythmic own, less shrill screaming, and finally all the default left the guitar in favor of a good sound, there's that for palm mute There's a diffrence or less obvious


Trs beautiful object, very practical, ergonomically friendly trs
but to change the pickups ...

I tried a Squier, a low-end ibanez, fender mex one and I confess I prfre even when the LP form.

I think that by changing the pickups is a good guitar and trs in this report is exellent quality price (if you have in mind the change of microphones)