PRS SE Mark Tremonti
PRS SE Mark Tremonti

SE Mark Tremonti, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

kwashiorkor 07/25/2005

PRS SE Mark Tremonti : kwashiorkor's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
fixed bridge
1volume three tone
three position selector
set neck


Handle very nice with his play SG SG vau well
easy access to acute
c form a les paul but with less weight but thank you for small shoulders
easy adjustment
just above the color I preferred a matte black


Micro well versatile blues trash without too much concern
with an H & K 100 Martix its sounds good
there is a possibility of a large pallet of his blues rock hard rock are of course some effect derigueur
a good offense in the clear can be a light in a small saturated EMG bridge will not hurt


I t is 4 months since I love its shape its price is also a nice scratch with a beautiful finish I miss the color and mannque Fishing pickup
by c against a skyscraper go anywhere we can play with any style of electro dub c the big trash can is strength
of very great value as cheaper than a gibson but sorry for gibsonnien of a quality very close to _A guitar has less 1000euros
I n'esiteraipas a resume is if the model is choi représebté against adorned by a pair of EMG
siu and I could us a little PRS will be welcome
hoping that my comment will be making up his mind some
I said a very good guitar c