PRS SE Mark Tremonti
PRS SE Mark Tremonti

SE Mark Tremonti, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

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godsmack50 02/15/2005

PRS SE Mark Tremonti : godsmack50's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Hi all, here I wanted to give my opinion on the PRS Tremonti SE and I either I am not agree with the negative opinions prcdement Permit. PRS Tremonti SE so this is controlling manufacturing Corenne then by PRS, the mahogany neck with 22 frets, rosewood fingerboard, mahogany body, too (classic), it has 2 humbucker, PRS Stop-Bar , Chrome hardware, mechanical sign PRS but manufactured by Schaller, 4 Volumes potentiometers 2x 2x Ring and all served in the beautiful shot Paul (Black or Grey) according to your choice. Premiere grip the guitar very nice finish to a great guitar at this price (555 euros Thomann), only a small defect in binding at the neck but really light, so to sum up the first contact with the PRS is very positive!


I bought this guitar because I had read very good reviews of this model for a really attractive on the internet biensur as it should be noted that the PRS model in the market and bought same approach when the Euro 1000! ! This guitar is dot a handle big enough but very very nice one with access to acute really easy, gameplay fast enough (surprisingly with a handle big enough), the body is a Les Paul shape but less Paisse Gibson Epiphone or a with a blow to the back of coprs promoting the game and biensur weight (light enough).


In the first shot without mediator amp it sounds pretty good. So I plugged the bte dfx30 a marshall when the microphone liberates its pretty clear very quickly but we feel that the playing of this guitar is the metal but by lowering the volume (not easy because C IS ALL OR NOTHING) you get a get a very good feeling in his clear, he was knocked off the neck pickup sound warmer and this is almost the same as the neck pickup (HARD ENOUGH). So I stick it all on my bottom and j'appuis Boss Super Overdrive and WWWWOOOWWWW ............. ......... this is the bed! I knew she struts more oriented towards the metal but the sound that comes out in this register is halucinant for a guitar at this price, the sound is big, heavy, greasy enough to armony hereof (STILL NOT AS ACTIVE EMG ) but the pickups are pretty great job, sustain is remarkable for a guitar least somewhat thinner than a Gibson LP, in short for short .......... it's the mega slap a guitar of this quality is less than 600 euros on the net I said ...... DARK for me it's worth between 900 and 1000 euros.


I now use this guitar for 4 months almost every day and really that is happiness, I made some changes such as changing from one microphones SEYMOUR DUNCAN SH4 JB bridge I splitter, and I'll get SEYMOUR DUNCAN SH1 59 N in the neck pickup soon, I also change the look with the towers of chrome pickups, chrome knob pots, pots has changed completely since the original ones are deplorable, I took my 4 knob EMG with a splitter for the PUSH PULL SH4, when the mechanical you can change them if you have a brand preference in a kind Groover Sperzel (wraps) but it really is not necessary because they are original brand excelente Schaller. But with all mod j'obtiend really a fairly high-end guitars for a very attractive price: 555 euros for a guitar bought MUSIK-PRODUKTIV.COM expensive, 80 euros for micro SH4, about 100 Euros for the SH1 .. ....... do the math .... 735 euros for a guitar really Facinas! A yes I almost forgot, for the history of snoring or other noises that I read in the opinion eeuuhhh Previous review your cable guys because I never got no snoring, or other of cracquements, j 'I also epiphone G-400 and I've never had this kind of noise, I only put the price that must be in the wiring c is to say 150 or 200 francs in a 2 meter cable Jack-Jack. So in the end is what I would do is choose?? Olalala yes and again in a heartbeat because this guitar worth that level am esthetic, quality and sound ........ Just some modif pots at a turning absolutely ...... . mics a change if you want a lighter sound and once that is done, you will get a real guitar worthy of some premium brand that I do not nomerais practicing price inaccessible. GO DARK CAR PRODUCTION OF THIS MODEL WAS ADOPTED IN PRS. Hi all ................ Ps: You can see my PRS Tremonti on the picture to my Profile