PRS SE Mark Tremonti
PRS SE Mark Tremonti

SE Mark Tremonti, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

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greenkorn 02/11/2005

PRS SE Mark Tremonti : greenkorn's user review


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See below


Dja I want to say I'm not at all agree with the 2 Previous notice giving bad grades. You may have fallen on bad I do not know ...

This sleeve t built for me. Asser enjoyable big. I would not even when a level of bucheronage the gibson but close. In any case many enjoyable. Access in dernires CISA is really easy (although I do not make too much of this solo the cot). For the weight is happiness! No more back pain the APRS RPET of my old LP!


Cot's I do not know exactly the microphones that are above. You it should appear that these are Duncan Designed bridge in SH4 and I know what in the neck. In any case I think they sound good trs. Better than a tone zone but I think it may be a matter of taste ... I play on the Engl (rack and powerball) and I have a monster with her. Well with the fatty micro bridge. Perfect for the right distortion. The neck pickup lacks a bit of sth ... but turns ...


I've had about 2-3 months and I no longer use it. I sold my Epiphone gothic seemed to me a toy cot (cot but not its weight). I even sold the microphone silent on my Start copy in this case an SD shr1. What I like most is the relationship quality price. Well worth the money. I tried fiddling with a model of more or less but I think I found the guitar that best suits me for now. I have not tried other PRS but perhaps better. I would do this without any choice hsitations. I am also waiting for a 2nd. Too bad they are no longer factories. (I do not put anywhere because the 10 is still not perfect ...)

Edit: If you change the pickups for REAL MICROS. While the mchant has become. C'tait Premire of a guitar SERIES SE and is apparently related more as well now. But for the price adchire all ...