PRS SE Mark Tremonti
PRS SE Mark Tremonti

SE Mark Tremonti, LP-Shaped Guitar from PRS in the SE Signature series.

zyvatarba 10/13/2003

PRS SE Mark Tremonti : zyvatarba's user review


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So the PRS is made in Korea (under the direction of a guy in prs it seems) it has 22 jumbo frets, micro bin .... you do not know actually! two hambuckers with a three position selector
two volume and two tone, ct mcanique was right prs oil bath and a stop bar bridge on which we can not rgler accuracy, damage, so vigilance this at the time of purchase! the guitar has to be just if ... The handle when it is al.


Then the handle is round although quite frankly enjoyable even with its varnish is not enough pais Gnant for dplacements is matter of taste, but still must be r Gler to find the right balance, because I found the action is high on a mine, the nut does not help! butt ugly plasticky hyper-efficient agreements THE FIRST box super hard (hello fa that must sound good) replaced immediately! Access in acute when it rsonnable
What I immediately apprci on the grate is the shape and weight, it is fine lgre standing can not hardly feel it, oh yeah! the body is mahogany and rosewood fingerboard.


This sounds great empty grate was surprising given the weight! Me it is clear I did not buy for
jazz is my thing plutt the pchu (mtal koi! go!) I plugged into a rect-o-verb and gives good feedback, good potato microphones especially acute in fact this is quite polivalente grate and can cover a good range of styles, the three positions are exploitable slcteur can be a hit everywhere can rock, blues, power variation on, trash and other dance hall styles as crazy as each other! nan dc without me I found it satisfactory trs.


I play for four me and report anything, I do pte mm rope over what bhoneur concert!
I bought this guitar as my grate relief and Vigier is making trs old I replaced the prs I mm more gain with the prs! And it follows more and more with my new haircut then! I did not have a big budget nor the time to choose just 700 euros so the choice silent quickly, I pay 675 euros but I heard they can find around 600 , it is 4000 balls for that price it's all good!