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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - "Cheap DI"


    This direct box is the cheapest passive exists at Thomann's and perhaps anywhere. Intuitive: you plug the guitar (or keyboard) jack on the base, and an XLR microphone cable with symmetrical signal and lowered impedance (microphone level) is fed to…

  • Millenium KS-3000S

    Millenium KS-3000S - " Great!"


    After several DIY attempts and purchases of synth leg extensions I turned to this compact model at a very affordable price. Compact, fully foldable, with integrated cable entry. The +: - Excellent price - Compact with retractable feet - "Be…

  • Millenium LST-250

    Millenium LST-250 - " A good start ..."


    Received this morning, the first installation was a bit difficult for drilling the bar higher not deburred. But if we go on this detail, this foot exudes strength. Well, for a limited budget, for anyone wanting to get into the scene, or why not fi…

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - " Very correct"


    Passive, sturdy, practical for one detail. It succeeds where my red box HK pro fails ... not bad! The last detail is that as the XLR output is not isolated from the housing ben ground lift has no effect. A so your tools, not a big deal though. …

  • Millenium SLS300 LICHTSTATIV

    Millenium SLS300 LICHTSTATIV - " Perfect"


    I l "used for four months. I try trpieds. What I like most is its ease of use, strong and esthtisme. What I like least, fixing the ladders on the feet. The price quality ratio is excellent, solid trs same, I do not regret it. Exprience…

  • Millenium PD-111 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE

    Millenium PD-111 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE - " Good surprise"


    I ordered this model from Thomann (as usual, nickel service) to get a foot back in case of breakage of my doubles during a concert. 3 years ago I bought a friend a double pedal Millennium (PD 669, I think) and never managed to settle properly. So I…

  • Millenium HP 4

    Millenium HP 4 - "Would recommend for small budgets!" has images


    I use it for 5 minutes (lol) This is my first headphone amp! What I like most is the price, front, 1 / 4 headphone outputs, 2 / 4 line outputs, they work even with mono! 3 / 4 input selectors, At the rear, 4 / 8 mono asymetric inputs or …

  • Millenium MPS-400

    Millenium MPS-400 - hb33's review


    I use this drumkit for 2 years now. I tried a few models from Roland but I wanted an electronic drum kit too expensive. And this drumkit is pretty damn good and so affordable ... What I like most: _facile to install (you mount it then you play …

  • Millenium MA-2050

    Millenium MA-2050 - " Robust and rigid, quick" has images


    Having revamped my workspace in Home-Studio, I needed a support system for my microphone ... Without stand and I can move quickly to put on the side without having to wire or Disconnect the terminal every time. So this media with XLR cable tube was p…

  • Millenium LST-250

    Millenium LST-250 - " Do not buy!"


    two since I was 2 months. Most: forgiveness most?? For this product no I do not see at all! Minimum: = SO) no stability! With a little galley load lifted and worse when the other telescopic tube that follows it up! Even the vacuum tube has burs…