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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - " operational!"


    stop saying that stuff is pourrav '. you shake like oxen or what? I have a studio project B3 MKII + a popfilter going on and not worry unless there ais earthquakes foot is very stable! OVERALL OPINION I highly recommend! and not only to small b…

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - " Excellent value for money"


    I use this double pedal for a month. I had already tried a Stagg double pedal and an Iron Cobra. Obviously, this double pedal is not worth an Iron Cobra, however, despite its price, it remains the same quality that Stagg at 170 €. What I like mo…

  • Millenium MPS-300

    Millenium MPS-300 - zicopilote's review


    Over time, by linking the mix (with the TD-6V), we see that the mechanics does not: Cymbals that break, which vibrates rack, screw foirent, plastics that crack, etc. ... manufacturing quality zero, zero reliability, thus constantly under repair in th…

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - Zlhanh's review


    DI-E millennium! DI optimum copy of cheapskate! ^ ^ Everything that is most basic, an entry, a low output Impedance, output (link), two buttons is called ground lift and instrument / speaker (???) It is passive. Frame which probably served as …

  • Millenium HP 1

    Millenium HP 1 - polbrian's review


    The manufacturer does not communicate its characteristics. MODEL on my REU, the right and left are reversed. The jacks can be bad contact and you must use the other between or fasten securely. between the crtage: 11 V peak-crest (+14 dBu) crtage …

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - hornet 22's review


    HOW LONG HAVE YOU USE IT? I bought three at Thoman and I kept the boards +-1year. YOU'VE TRIED MANY OTHER MODELS PRIOR TO PURCHASE? I had not purchased a new drumkit of OCCAZ or the guy gave me with two three foot, so I needed and I walk those pri…

  • Millenium DB-115

    Millenium DB-115 - karthen's review


    * For how long have you been using it? for over a month * What thing do you like most/least about it? Most: - The price! - Stability (for the "low-end" is surprising, like AC up to big brands) Minimum: - Nothing for now, may be positioned f…

  • Millenium MD70

    Millenium MD70 - Winnerjoe's review


    I bought it from thomann and he soon departed. I was looking for a trigger noon to play my batteries, but it has no correct answer at the triggers, you must type hard to have a sound. Its sucks, sucks, touch, unusable. …

  • Millenium DIA

    Millenium DIA - rascar's review


    I am very happy :) …

  • Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE

    Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE - The_Censored's review


    <strong>For how long have you been using it? Its going to make 1-year and dust ... Did you try many other models before getting this one? My GC-pedal comes with drumkit: incomparable I tried various pedals since Pearl or Sonor Tama and this …