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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium MPS-300

    Millenium MPS-300 - IbanSteeN's review


    I wanted for a while to buy a drumkit electronic, in order to train quietly and to earn a maximum of place, to record with some of my models as EZdrummer VST. At first I thought the Roland TD3 KW, but the acquisition of 900 ncessaires this dernire no…

  • Millenium MPS-400

    Millenium MPS-400 - estolosa's review


    I use this product for several weeks. I like the fact that it is a good product Designed. Simple assembly and utlisation. The electronic box is full trs while being easy to use. The rebound on the pads is done right over the competition even if …

  • Millenium MPS-400

    Millenium MPS-400 - boulou29300's review


    - How long have you use it? July 2008 - What is the particular feature you like best and least? most: practical, simple to use Cons: fragile (I broke the pedals playing normally in November, one playing the cymbals a little strong in Febr…

  • Millenium Mesh Head / TD-3 Set

    Millenium Mesh Head / TD-3 Set - JCGreen's review


    It's good material. I bought it in January 2009. The rack is solid and I found enough class. There is no manual but with a picture that's enough. Drums with skins is meshed really well to achieve the feeling of an acoustic and they are certainly less…

  • Millenium AS-2001

    Millenium AS-2001 - Kal's review


    I bought this stand because in my tiny rehearsal we had to optimize space while promoting the sound quality, which is sometimes antagonistic. In short my guitar combo was placed on the floor, and as I play very close to it I had trouble hearing me…

  • Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE

    Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE - vasseurH's review


    I for one year. Trs and I'm happy. quality price ratio INTERESTED trs. I replaced the bat that I found too heavy (issue got). only BMOL: - The sole is a bit flexible (there is no drawing stamped, it's just a whole plate smooth). But thanks to …

  • Millenium MX120 Strater drums set

    Millenium MX120 Strater drums set - funkivi's review


    Its been a year since I use it and it does not deteriorate facillment compared to the price but the cymbals were quickly bumps if you play music a little Violante, I tried 2 other drumkit (the drumkit batting confirmed and the sound is less potent an…

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - 49nono's review


    FEATURES? BAH ... Nothing fancy CLARIFY! Oh yes, just this: the max of the foot is completely folded and completely unfolded 90 cm it is 220 cm. OVERALL OPINION Well for me it's not even worth the wait to have actually used, because obviously …

  • Millenium PD-1012

    Millenium PD-1012 - BuBuOne's review


    I use a PD-1012 PD-1010 and two last year, as toms. This is probably bi-sensor pads to look "GPs" cheapest. The dtection is correct, but very little homogne. They raliss t from a tom (very low-end) to which was grafted a single sensor in the fo…

  • Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set

    Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set - thegoofisonfire's review


    I use this drumkit for a month and a half. this drumkit is its price, or € 325 with the bundle thomann, so do not expect miracles! This is a drumkit study. System playback is nice and what is already working!! If the sounds are good and the gam…