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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium MPS-100 E-Drum Starter Set

    Millenium MPS-100 E-Drum Starter Set - " All Naz"


    I have been using a half years and is one of the worst purchases I've done. The sensor pads were already desolder several times. The sound is a recess CH *** but hey it's understandable to 300 euros The rack is wrong with the temp. I use it just …

  • Millenium HP 4

    Millenium HP 4 - " Good value for money"


    Purchased in January, from a famous German mail-order site starting with T. my order arrived quickly the first HP4 received did not work at all (a huge noise) The very effective Customer Service sent me another one after 5 days  ... that was a …

  • Millenium SLS300 LICHTSTATIV

    Millenium SLS300 LICHTSTATIV - " Cheap but good quality!"


    A bridge is cheap and mainly for this reason that I bought it! Now, with hindsight, I find it very good! It is solid and relatively compact over it! 1.50m max parts are ideal for transport .. The installation is quick and stability of the whole is…

  • Millenium BS-2211B

    Millenium BS-2211B - " Super convenient and strong!"


    Feet great for the price! Strong and robust, they last over time without any particular fault. They are stable and screws work very well! What more for a price by the way ridiculous .. I would do without hesitation that choice! …

  • Millenium SL 2005

    Millenium SL 2005 - " Convenient and cheap"


    I bought it from Thomann to support an old Roland A30 I'm no concert or anything like that, it is not intended to leave the house. I tried before carriers in X in which one knocks the legs, not more expensive it is a really practical support, stabl…

  • Millenium PB48

    Millenium PB48 - " Not cool"


    Two months of operation the first mass of his four months does not sound transit ... C c cheap and why we bought it yet, thank you ... thomann Must meter short of money in a good patch, or if you have nothing. Finally if the noise …

  • Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set

    Millenium HD-100 E-Drum Set - " Good Electronic Drums"


    Hello everybody!<div> So I use this&nbsp;drum kit&nbsp;electronics since February 2010 and I had no problem! The sounds on offer are rather similar, the possibility to <a> by DownloadNSave" id="_GPLITA_0" style="text-decoration:underline" href="#" i…

  • Millenium BS-2211B

    Millenium BS-2211B - " Really Cheap !"


    Hello, I availing oneself of its tripod for my speakers (T. Box 15 Pa compression) I can spell has prs 5 times per month for 2 years na its still not cracked his tr feet are super strong, even the paint is not withdrawn and delivered over with a bag …

  • Millenium BS-2211B

    Millenium BS-2211B - " Moin CHRE not find you!"


    44 Euro 2 feet and carrying case, and these solid +. …

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - " operational!"


    stop saying that stuff is pourrav '. you shake like oxen or what? I have a studio project B3 MKII + a popfilter going on and not worry unless there ais earthquakes foot is very stable! OVERALL OPINION I highly recommend! and not only to small b…