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Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • PRS Santana I

    PRS Santana I - "The first of 3 Good Guitar make for Carlos Santana..."


    I think really this guitar is for me the best off Santana Model because the two mini toggles for select the zebra coils !!! Everything is good the only differences is the finger board. Good design ,rare color:" Emerald green " you can play evething…

  • Gibson Marauder

    Gibson Marauder - "Gibson Marauder"


    The Marauder was a mid 70's attempt by Gibson to compete with the cheap Japanese copies which were flooding the west at that time. Although it was never particularly cheap (around £300 in the UK, which was quite a wedge in those days) they were consi…

  • Ibanez TV650

    Ibanez TV650 - "Pictured is a tv750" has images


    This is not so much a review as a correction. Pictured is the Talman TV750. The only difference between it and the TV650 is the color. The 650's were a cream white, and the 750's have the sunburst/flame color. I've attached a photo from an Ibanez…

  • Steinberger USA GM-7TA

    Steinberger USA GM-7TA - "Distinctive, Versatile, & More Advanced Than Most Guitars Built Today" has images


    The Steinberger GM7TA is not for everyone. I realize this, and have dealt with snide comments about it from almost the day I bought it. Guitarists as a group do not like change, and Steinberger is the embodiment of change. It is also a spectacular…

  • Reverend Avenger

    Reverend Avenger - "Streamlined and Innovative"


    Overview If you have ever played a Reverend, then you may know what I mean when I use the words "streamlined" and "innovative" to describe these wonderful guitars. Since the late 90s, Reverend has produced some of the world's most useful, inventiv…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Versatile But Flawed"


    I bought this primarily to use as an "all around" guitar. Acoustic, synth, electric in one instrument. I find the electronics to be fairly good. However, the guitar weighs more than any other I own, including my Strat and Tele. Noise resonates throug…

  • Klira Ohio Triumphator

    Klira Ohio Triumphator - "guitarra electrica"


    hola buenos dias queria saber cual es el precio de la guitarra klira y si lo asen el envio a peru …

  • Hamer CAL2-SK1

    Hamer CAL2-SK1 - "BLACK HAMER"


    I bought a guitar because I wanted some of her strata.Co say: -design as Superstrat fingerboard comfortable in the hand-I would compare him ala Jackson, license locks ... Floyd wants a little play with the settings and lubrication to function proper…

  • Godin xtSA

    Godin xtSA - "Awesome, ultra-comprehensive"


    I bought directly in Canada. This is the only guitar I have bought without trying it out before. It's the most versatile guitar there is. It's 3 instruments in 1. 1 acoustic-electric part, 1 electric part with 5 pickups in HSH configuration, and a h…

  • G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top

    G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top - "G&L ASAT Tribute Trans-Blk, Carved Top, Alnico Pickups, Coil tap."


    Made in Indonesia, The pickups are made at the The G&L factory on Fender Avenue. Bridge pickup is a coil tap. Has 2 Alnico humbuckers, and a rosewood neck. UTILIZATION The access to the last fret is nice, no dead spots, great sustain with saddle-lo…