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  • Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard

    Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard - " Simple and effective."


    Theremin that does what is asked of him that is to have good ergonomics and good sounds of theremin. UTILIZATION Ultra simple. One branch is played. It is very stable for a theremin. Once it is hot it does not move in agreement. SOUNDS the …

  • Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard

    Moog Music Etherwave Theremin Standard - " price to pay."


    For the price it could be a lot more interesting features I think. Using UTILIZATION laborious at first, then we arrive at sympas.C out stuff is what a theremin, anything is possible, but it is the galley. SOUNDS Sounds .... I think it's diff…

  • Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura

    Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura - grabiel's review


    What type of keyboard? Not a keyboard as such. 1 octave and a half. How many sounds? 1: tanpura. The Tanpura is an Indian stringed instrument, the sitar more serious than in the same genre. The electronic tanpura - also known as Shruti Box …

  • Fairlight VT5

    Fairlight VT5 - " Jewel moving"


    HMI UTILIZATION totake must use it, but it has to connect to a Minimoog Voyager analog etc. is really almost a humainoide. The echatillonage real time and latency is very careful only correct answer in mono, but sufit widely. the important is the…

  • Oakley Sound Systems TM3030

    Oakley Sound Systems TM3030 - Gumpa Maker's review


    DIY clone TB-303 analog monophonic, as TB-303 Schematic of the origin is taken and adapted some components rcent. it is possible to replace the old with new components (which I did), even if some ncessitent some gymnastics! squenceur not interna…

  • Alesis AirSynth

    Alesis AirSynth - Sebastien Goyet's review


    This UFO therefore produces synthetic sounds, but triggered by movements of the hand, like his brother - a bit more famous - the AirFX. The range varies according to sound, sometimes it is "granted" is funny when at the top or bottom of a beach ... W…

  • AtomoSynth Mochika XL

    AtomoSynth Mochika XL - tutur86800's review


    SYNTHE SEQUENCER ANALOG CONTROLLER PITCH (8-GENERAL ON THE SEQUENCER 1), MODULATION, VCO, NOIZE output jack, clock input ideal for electro, acid, techno UTILIZATION Using simple SOUNDS Analog OVERALL OPINION 1 YEAR Use Very good …

  • Mellotron 400

    Mellotron 400 - Moody 13's review


    For those unfamiliar with this instrument, see REFERENCE prcdemment site. Personally, I have an old Novatron 400 S, which I bought used in 1986, a keyboard player in a band of variation on (talk about a use!), It did not work practically , it was m…

  • Casio DG-10

    Casio DG-10 - Mcpherson's review


    -1 Days behind me test Received yesterday, its sounds are very deadly especially mandoline.On organ and feels like a flash that takes hold of your hand sensors are really well done neither too sensitive nor too insensitive. Ten sounds emerging from…

  • Bug Brand Postcard Weevil v2

    Bug Brand Postcard Weevil v2 - Anonyme's review


    - It's piti, slight - Three knobs (one for the power delivered (we can torture him literally: niarkniark:) and two oscilloscope), an on / off switch, battery and pleeeiiinns metal parts touching with the fingers (especially the bottom) - Well, th…