Behringer Vintager AC112
Behringer Vintager AC112
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MGR/William M. (Chicago) 11/19/2003

Behringer Vintager AC112 : MGR/William M. (Chicago)'s user review

"Behringer Vintager AC112"

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>BACK STORY<...(Sorry).
I am 41 years old. When I was young I played in a few bands. After a getting married and having a child combined with a full-time factory job that was a 12 hour shift 5 to 7 days a week, playing guitar came to an end.
A few years ago I began feeling that something was missing from my life and that something was making music. So at about 38 years of age I decided to indulge again.
The "Behringer - Vintager AC112" was not the first amp I bought. I purchased this unit because the first amp I bought when I started playing again was a famous named solid state combo that dissappointed me. (It cost the same as the "Vintager" also.)
When I was young and playing every day all amps had tubes. (I assumed the first one had tubes also.) I didn't realize how much had changed in the years I wasn't swingin' an axe. Let's just say the amp before the "Behringer" just didn't enthuse or satisfy.
I bought the Behringer because it was an inexpensive choice that at least featured a tube in the pre-amp stage of the combo. I was accustomed to tube tone and played with a bit of feedback at times. I couldn't get the solid state number to howl at all.
Although I knew nothing of "Behringer," (remember I had nothing to do with music for almost 20 years), I read reviews regarding the "Vintager AC112" that were overall positive. That, combined with the reasonable price is why I bought it. When I started looking for an amp I couldn't believe the changes - (for better or for worse) - in musician's gear.
I purchased the "Behringer - Vintager AC112" amp through "Musician's Friend" mail-order. (Having my equipment shipped to my doorstep has me spoiled rotten. (Don't get me wrong...I LIKE IT!) Cost of the product before S/H fees and taxes was $249.99.

A hybrid amp with one tube kickin' 60 watts through a Jensen 12" speaker, two channels, clean and overdrive with a footswitch included for $249.99?
I was hoping I'd get at least a bit of that warm tone from the one tube, but I didn't. Instead I got a butt kicking from this amp. As I said it's been a long time since I had played, but the one tube "Hybrid Wonder" sounds like an all tube old timey combo but with 21st Century technology.
Maybe I've gone a bit overboard with my take on the tube tone but it has enough of what I was looking and hoping for to make me one thankful person. And that tone at 60 watts, for $249.99 is unbelievable.
Along with the hybrid features, two foot-switchable channels (footswitch included!) and explosive power is a built in "Digital Effect" module. It is a 24 bit stereo effects processor. (Comes with a "Line Out" jack to hook up to another speaker cabinet to realize the stereo effects.)
The get the effects included in the processor you'd need 10 pedals. There are also a few modeling presets to get the tones of different amps.
It's also MIDI. You can also download through your PC via the Internet different presets, effects and all that at the Behringer website. Maybe other websites too if it's possible. (I, being a novice PC user cannot say for sure.)

Some of the things that would make this amp more attractive to today's players with knowledge of MIDI, Digital Effect Processing, and Programmable Presets, etc...are the only thing I can't deal with. This technology is new to me and I do have a bit of trouble setting the effects I want and assigning them to each channel. (I'm ready for the "Dummys Guide to Modern Musician's Equipment.")
I'm not down with all the technology so having it right in front of me can be frustrating. I just pick out one or two effects and stick with them. I'm more the foot pedal effect kind of guy. Hey...I'm an old timer! I still prefer my records on Vinyl rather than on CD.
Don't let my lack of tecnology know-how stop you from buying this amp. It is an amazing piece of equipment at a ridiculously low price! (It's worth twice the price!)

As for the construction of this marvel of science, it's built like a tank! It is solid wood, (most likely a plywood) covered with a heavy black tolex like vinyl covering. It has a heavy duty hand strap for carrying it and the joints are re-enforced with metal corner brackets. The back of the cabinet is open about half the height of the unit which makes storing the cord (when careful) an easy thing to do.
A word on the manufacturing. The price is $249.99 for a's made in China. But as I read about the spec's (and remember I told you I worked in a factory for a long time), the plant that makes this product is ISO 9000 certified. I'm not an expert but to be certified ISO 9000, the manufacturing process, the quality of the worker, knowledge of the inspected by a team of experts who are trained to look for faults or anything else that would result in an inferior product. If I recall, a company that wishes to be certified ISO 9000 must pay for the inspections and are not given notice of when the inspection team is on it's way to check out the plant. So "Made in China" in this instance should not factor in to your decision making if looking for a well done guitar amp combo! these days of astronomical prices for average to sub-par products, is an enigma! You can't go wrong. If you're like me at all when it comes to digital effect processing, stick to one effect or model type for each channel and use your pedals and stomp boxes. If you want to get "up to speed" with today's technology take the time to learn how to use every feature. I give the "Behringer - Vintager AC112" my blessings. You may now buy with peace of mind.

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