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mouduj 08/18/2005

Vox AD120VT : mouduj's user review


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Prampli modlisation 16 amp. + Effects + pedals rverb + + modulation delay.
For all spcificits construceur see on the site.


Using rather simple despite some finger gymnastics:

Make your rglages like your config was a true classic config is to say:
pedals -> amp -> effects (modulation, delay, reverb) -> master.


Suitable for all musical styles: reggae, blues rock, mtal, funky jazz.
The AC15 and AC30 simus of the vox are really good (by chance!).
Simus of the Marschall trs trs are good for me and sound practitioner.
The simulation fender bassman and black twin jokes are trs. The simulation Mesa Boogie is really mean, because you do not feel low and stifling Submitted too acute.
For effects there everything you need without having a range of supereffets not used.
Nothing wrong for their quality, it sounds good but it's also not the top.
I put 8 because it makes me a bit *** ch to modlisation more for an amp.


Voila 10 months I have and I'm delighted. I wanted a versatile amp twin, it is less expensive than conventional lamps amp, but its advantage is that it can do everything without the hassle of pedals etc ^ 1000.
What j'apprcie first is that raw sounds good, it feels to play on a real amp with a crude well, although I would say vintage, short practitioner.
on the other hand, fan effects of all kinds, I think the line 6 are better teams.

The selection of power (and 2x60 2x30 2x15 2x2 W) is a plus, it helps to play flat, low-volume RPET or live with a good quality.
Quality price ratio good enough for a good versatile amp.
Coupled with his 12 pdalier VC is the happiness in complete simplicity!
And then look at it I really like.
A little more than a line 6 Flextone 3, but it's worth it to extend a little money.
I highly recommend it.