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  • FXpansion BFD Eco v1.5

    FXpansion BFD Eco v1.5

    02/18/12 in Fxpansion BFD Eco

    FXpansion has announced the release of version 1.5 of BFD Eco.

  • [NAMM] FXpansion Tremor

    [NAMM] FXpansion Tremor

    01/16/12 in Fxpansion Tremor

    FXpansion his stepping into synthetic rhythm terrain with the announcement of Tremor, a software drum machine.

  • FXpansion Analogue Mayhem

    FXpansion Analogue Mayhem

    08/12/11 in Fxpansion Analogue Mayhem

    FXpansion presents Analogue Mayhem, a Geist Expander featuring electronic sounds generated with an analogue modular synthesizer.

  • Fxpansion BFD2 64-bit Beta Out

    Fxpansion BFD2 64-bit Beta Out

    07/18/11 in Fxpansion BFD2

    FXpansion made available to BFD2 users the public beta version for the upcoming 2.3 update, including 64-bit support for Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6.

  • FXpansion Ski Rize Dubstep

    FXpansion Ski Rize Dubstep

    07/08/11 in Fxpansion Ski Rize Dubstep

    FXpansion has released Ski Rize Dubstep, a Geist Expander for gritty dubstep music.

  • Fxpansion Best of GURU

    Fxpansion Best of GURU

    06/13/11 in Fxpansion Best of Guru

    FXpansion has announced the release of Best of GURU, a Geist Expander pack which brings together the highlights of the GURU factory sound library.

  • Fxpansion BFD Dunnett Ti

    Fxpansion BFD Dunnett Ti

    04/26/11 in Fxpansion BFD Dunnett Ti

    BFD Dunnett Ti is an expansion kit featuring a set of prototype Titanium drums from drum-builder Ronn Dunnett.

  • New Fxpansion Products

    New Fxpansion Products

    03/16/11 in Fxpansion Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack Vol.1

    FXpansion have released three new products: Gen16 Digital Vault Z-PACK, Himalaya: Modernity (DCAM Synth preset pack) and JM Essentials Vol.1 (BFD Groovepack).

  • Several FXpansion Updates

    Several FXpansion Updates

    12/16/10 in Fxpansion Geist

    FXpansion has released updates for BFD2, DCAM: Synth Squad and Geist.

  • FXpansion BFD2.2

    FXpansion BFD2.2

    12/14/10 in Fxpansion BFD2

    BFD 2.2 is now available as a free update.