Magix Music Software user reviews

  • Magix Music Maker 2007 XXL

    Magix Music Maker 2007 XXL - msieur's review


    Ouioui smoothly. there is nothing to say for the installation. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Amd 3500 +, about 740 ram music maker is still unstable, the same as previous versions. one little comem working on it, the sound quality is very good, there…

  • Magix Samplitude 9 Pro

    Magix Samplitude 9 Pro - Phonotoff's review


    I never had any problems with installation of Samplitude (I use it since version 6. The CodeMeter is not a problem either, unlike other software that uses dongles (some Plugg example). I put 7 because the manual could be much more complete. it's…

  • Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2004 Deluxe - charlatan transfer's review


    Installation in 10 minutes. All nickel. Configuration gnrale carefree. The manual came with the package is unqiue getting started (including 3 / 4 for the part MIDI Studio). This "pack" thus contains two distinct software (Studio and Midi). No…

  • Magix Music Studio 2006 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2006 Deluxe - Jc 31's review


    - Installation is it without problem? No! Easy! - Have you experienced any incompatibility? No! - The configuration gnrale is easy? Rather yes - The manual is clear and sufficient? ... For functions gnral, yes! SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE…

  • Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe - quentin59's review


    -Installation CD with no problem but (at least for my version) patch needed to download (. Exe that installs the corrections) -No incompabilité Pentium M750 card and Firewire Solo M-Audio or any freeware VSTi. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE For use wi…

  • Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe - msieur's review


    Installation without problem. as I like the vst Minimal, I tested it, impossible to stay surpprise synchro.le manual clearer and more comprehensive than the previous version, I do not know if it is full Sufis. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Intel Cele…

  • Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe - Anonyme's review


    - Installation longer than 2006 - No conflict encountered ... BUT ... it does not work at all ... I had forgotten: the case of an offer and a pre-order, free shipping for. In fact the package was a letter box without folded cardboard inside. U…

  • Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe

    Magix Music Studio 2007 Deluxe - mandyzai's review


    Instalation very easy and without problems (attention, this programe is on DVD) -No incompatibility encountered SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Everything is stable on my xp pro pc OVERALL OPINION It just released and will soon aderpte of magix to …

  • Magix Notation 2

    Magix Notation 2 - xama's review


    MANUAL: O is the complete manual of 2 rating? I'm not talking about a few pages that come with the CD What site? O is also a forum to change the tips etc? SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE ACER Yes OVERALL OPINION 3 months For now I Stur-mouth…

  • Magix Music Studio 2006

    Magix Music Studio 2006 - zenzouille's review


    No problem to install, but all twelve o'clock I closed the game by incompatibility with some unknown component of my computer ... no error message, even no message at all. has opened, and closes. The manual is clear, but TRS is vague and incomplete i…