Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
.Gwe 05/24/2011

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : .Gwe's user review

« A pedal that's worth! »

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This pedal has a harmonizer of 2 and even 3 votes after the tone being asked, a high quality pitch shifter, detune effect and super bend (do not go through 4 way: a whammy effect). There are also Octavers. The Whammy effect comes in several patterns of climbs / descents, with interesting variations. It is best to go see the instructions on the site and Boss tests on Youtube.
This is an effect pedal Boss digital format, without expression pedal like the Digitech Whammy. The competition has however taken midday, we did not at Boss.
SP-6 has a guitar input and expression pedal (youhou!) and two outputs (1 output mono or stereo while). The stereo can send the one hand the direct sound and the other the effect, or alternatively, different effect on each side (I'll let you read the manual that will answer your questions!).


As the controls are long and thin and they are many things to see, it is not always what you do, it is home to pay by the stage!

The manual is very clear, and without him the edition must be difficult (at least that's a big waste of time!). In any case the small pedal with 4 pots offers a number of effects and parameters impressive! Once we know it a bit it quickly becomes very intuitive.

The lack of expression pedal is obviously a disadvantage ... But see the good side of things personally, it's been a month since I (intensive use cons!) And it did not even horribly failed because the speed of ascent and descent Whammy effects can be controlled. Another bright side: For those who do not need is the place won on the pedalboard!

I'll try to control it with a pedal M-Audio EX-P, I'll tell you stories (it is the cheapest market, remains to be seen whether this pedal "universal" is compatible ...)

Food Question: it is a bit bulimic batteries, but it is not difficult at the feeding transformer (9V power supply with no noise Zoom, Korg, Electro Harmonix, and Dunlop DC Brick).


Harmony: choose a major or minor, the tonality, then the distribution of votes, the balance between direct and effect. No major problem, but minor, the pedal will not choose for you when you want to put your sensitive or not, not to choose either between melodic minor (ascending / descending) and harmonic ... at the same time the problem is easily bypassed. The inversions are given interesting, I think there is just enough, then he must tweak a bit. Small problem: there is a small latency. Another plus: the octave has a good sound quality.
The interest is primarily to split a popping sound: put on a clear harmony does not flatter her at all, and as we know, our distos OD and drool over our third as large slugs, accepting only the fifths and octaves. By putting the PS-6 after the saturation, it seems that there are several guitars, as it is not natural to hear such beautiful thirds, sixths and sevenths other with a sound so smooth!

Pitch Shifter: The settings are the same as Harmony, except that the Knob tone selection is inactive. I never use this because it was not what I want. He consistently plays a range of tone / half tone above the note without following tone is a classic effect. It is here in good quality and latency does not sound like Harmony. The functions are Octavers advantage of the polyphony, unlike the Harmony mode where everything is monaural. So not really audible latency, "polyphony" ... Attention is not very clean, the stamp is a bit trashed in polyphony.

Detune: detune I use a clean sound or a slight overdrive (I use the BD-2) is wonderful! The effect is to double what you play the same thing slightly above or slightly below, as if you were given a fraction of discordant tone. We choose the fraction of a tone above and / or above, the balance and then ... Enjoy! After I get my distortion sounds to give some interesting synth pads with my guitar.

Super Bend is why I bought this gem at the base. So the famous Whammy effect, we hear from Rage Against the Machine and especially for Muse! I was interested also to a tone bender or more sounds Clavinet example (oh yes another icon that uses the Whammy: Hervé Salters). It is possible to adjust the bend on a number given octave, tone, an octave above, below a (mono or right and left!) And modulations funny.

I use a Yamaha guitar (not even ashamed!) And I warm up with all the lights of my Fender Hot Rod. I would glue before OD and distortion, and my clone Fuzz Factory afterwards. Why then? Because the fuzz has a dirty sound that does not fit well with the harmony and function is more appropriate to detune sounds a little neat ... However much the Super Bend distorts the sound, but before the fuzz is great!


I use it extensively for a month. I have unfortunately never tested the competition, but obviously beats the Boss Digitech quality level and price level. When I see the next Whammy promises $ 450 I think that it does not worth at all to miss the Boss! I have not tried either the Electro Harmonix Ring Thing that looks fine too. Instead of buying a Whammy, you can buy an EHX and Boss for less!

I like the originality and quality sound effects and Detune Harmony. At the beginning I did not like the harmony because it is clear in his ugly, you really learn to use it wisely, I think she is great!
I sought a Whammy effect and I'm not disappointed, great!

I bought it at 100 € Used, well then the price / quality ratio is unbeatable! The scope of the expression pedal is a little absent across, but it is preventable and it's not dramatic!

9 out of 10 because nobody is perfect! (An expression pedal is expensive and sound quality level, even if it is at the forefront of what is done today, it takes to evolve!) Is somewhat a matter of principle as not to 10/10, but I think there is no better choice! To add to his pedalboard without hesitation!

I love him!