Acustica Audio Nebula 3
Acustica Audio Nebula 3

Nebula 3, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Acustica Audio.

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young.baws 09/29/2011

Acustica Audio Nebula 3 : young.baws's user review

« Analog experience? »

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Value For Money : Excellent
L'installation est-elle faite sans problèmes?
L'installation a été très facile.
Si jamais il ya des difficultés, la «nébuleuse communautaire» est prête à aider sur leur forum ...
Pour ma part je n'avais pas de soucis.
La configuration générale est facile?
Il est simple. Maintenant, quand à installer de nouvelles bibliothèques (CDsoundmaster, AlexB ..) doit déplacer les fichiers manuellement (un manuel est fourni avec chaque nouvelle «bibliothèques»)
Avez-vous rencontré des incompatibilités?
Le manuel est clair et suffisant?


What are the system?
MacBookPro 2011, Imac 2009, a great room treated !!!!, Apogee converters, TLA Fattrack, KRK VXT 8)

The software works he correctly on this configuration?

Yes, but Nebula takes bc bc of RAM (it re-sample your audio file ..)
(A x installed on your computer, with you 3 and nebula Nebula Reverb. The nebula reverb takes fewer resources, and it works perfectly with the EQ presets, PRE, ect ..) So to relieve the computer I ' utulise Nebula as reverb.

For my part, during the mixes, I leave no plug nebula (a hand on to) when I insert sets, I load my presets, the rule, and I export the track quickly (Bounce in place) , then I move on. I call them "track x - EQ / PRE 1" if I ever did change, "track x - EQ / PRE 2" ect. That way I know tj go back in time ..

In fact, it's just impossible to puff in the same way as other plugins. For me, it's not a plug Nebula is a platform ..

Basically, if you are patient and organized is perfect.

This software + hardware is stable?

Yes. For me it's perfect. Under Logic better. I have pro tools 9 and ADC (automatic delay compensation) is - powerful than Logic Studio.


What is so special that you like most and least?

The sound is excellent. Before I had a small room not treated with a digi 002 and Rockit stuck to the wall ... (The sound seemed good but not +. In fact you really have to work his ears and have super good listening and converters.

On presets:

Acustica Audio:

-The steps are good
-Filters very impresionante
-FX ("time variant") cool
EQ-few are really worth!

CDsoundmaster (

Focalpoint-115HD (ISA 115 HD, circuit design by Mr. Neve): very pleasant in the low mid, not aggressive when it boosts the high frequencies. Superb PRE / EQ..Superbe to catch votes.

The GEQ-8200 (GML 8200): Perfect for group or buss mastering. Low and High shelf impressive! my favorite preset: boost wide (wide bell @ 26kHz)

-N-TEN-AT4 (1084 eq) EQ for my snares! PRE great for vox, el. great for guitar punch.

-W295B (W295B Siemens): My favorite preset: High shelf. it's the best I've heard high shelf. Perfect on vocals and mastering.

EQ-Q8 (444X Quad Eight EQ) EQ for my tracks tt tt my mixes:)

R2R-Tape Collection + booster (Studer A800 mk III, Otari MTR-10, Studer Revox b77, ect combined with diff tapes: Ampex ATR, etc) Very good range of sound, since I use them I have less need compression and EQ. (Utulisation: you load your preset tape, say OTR 499 0dB, then you support Tapebooster (harmonic distortion generated by Nebula but still boosted +, for an effect like "bloated")

-Vintage collection tubes + Tube Booster: Superb. G Fattrack one, and I find the same sound, except the background:) (tubes: Mullard, Radiotechnique, Amperex, Brimar ..)

AlexB (

-Vintage Black EQ (api550a) Not bad at all on the Drums!

Tube Pre-Modern (Electro Harmonix, BugleBoy, MullardJAN / Philips, Tung Sol, ect) Still tubes ... Beautiful colors, whether the master Buss (MIC presets generate less harmonic distortion than the presets LINE)

Preamp-Color Suite: So the joke is: Trident S80 Channel Strip, API 512, Amek 9098, AMS 1073, AMS 1081, Avalon VT737, Fatso, Neve Portico 5012, Telefunken V72 tube & solid state, SSL VHD (5 presets!), ...

I utulise tt time, mid bc I know the time has different characteristics of each sampling, but it's going mnt. I know when and why to. Especially for the "Libraries", you have to have a listen and play pro.

Suberbe on synths. (Not VST)

-4KD (SSL dynamics 4000): comp slices of consoles and master buss. just without comp, the low mid is a pleasant listen + c odd. side of the comp, it is very natural. It's just that when it is removed there sth wrong. To me it does not sound like a plug!

RoomHunters Theater of Life

Best reverb I've heard in the plug. listen to the bounces on their site!

How would you rate the quality / price?
Great for the range of "colors"

With experience, you do again this choice?
Yes but not the madness of buying as many "libraries" of other vendors.
just R2R, Vintage Collection Tubes, Quad 8, 4KD, W295B, Black Vintage EQ .. . In fact ... I do not regret it:):) !!!!!!

I confess to the bounce in place all over the place, it's not fun, but ultimately it sounds. I tried to make mixes fast (fast in the sense of "work-flow) with a bundle of Waves but I was quickly frustrated because the sound I had in mind was not what I heard. It's not fun koi .. So I prefer to have trouble with the mini Nebula and have superb sound in the end.

Sometimes I replay my mixes and I'm almost convinced that I used at least one rack "high-end"! It's a good sign.