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Other guitar effects user reviews

  • Boss HR-2 Harmonist

    Boss HR-2 Harmonist - "very classic pedal"


    Te Boss HR-2 Harmonist is a great pedal for harmonizing that has been out for years, we still use this pedal and have been for over ten years and it works great! UTILIZATION I use a Yamaha guitar And I warm up with all the lights of my Fender Hot…

  • Boss PS-6 Harmonist

    Boss PS-6 Harmonist - "very clean"


    The Boss PS-6 Harmonist is a very simple, but highly effective octave pedal. The pedal has a pretty standard make up in terms of it's general characteristics, consisting of 1/4" connections for your input and output, and requiring power from a nine v…

  • Foxrox Octron

    Foxrox Octron - "cool pedal"


    The FoxRox Octron pedal is a pretty interesting piece of gear. It certainly has a unique sound that many players have found to be inimitable. Tom Morello, Wes Borland, Dimebag Darrel, and many others were fond of this in the late 90's, and much of th…

  • DigiTech Whammy II

    DigiTech Whammy II - "Best old-school whammy pedal."


    Steel construction High-impact plastic ends and switches Steel rocker Wet/dry ratio knob 1 bypass footswitch 1 "scroll through the settings" footswitch 5 shift modes, 6 harmony modes, and "detune" 1/4 inch input and output jack UTILIZATION …

  • Fender Dimension IV

    Fender Dimension IV - moosers's review


    The Fender Dimension IV is an extremely rare and unique effect for your guitar and any other electronic instrument. It's, not so basically, a spacey, chorusy, delay effect. You can definitely tell that it's a product of the late 60's! It's very ra…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Nice combo effects"


    Visual Sound make some great effects pedals for the gigging and recording musicians. This is a cool little pedal if you need two effects combine into one small little unit. Basically this is a chorus pedal along with the delayed tpedal in one. You ha…

  • Truetone H2O V1

    Truetone H2O V1 - "Nice Tones on Both Sides, but with a Boost."


    The Visual Sound H2O V1 is a “home plate” shaped chorus and echo pedal. The pedal has a solid metal housing and two sturdy switches. One switch is to engage the chorus and one to engage the echo. They can be used separately or pressed together. T…

  • Boss GE-7 Equalizer

    Boss GE-7 Equalizer - "Good, but noisy."


    Nominal Input Level -20 dBu Input Impedance 1 M ohms Nominal Output Level -20 dBu Output Impedance 1 k ohms Residual Noise Level 1 k ohms Residual Noise Level -100 dBu (IHF-A Weighted, Typ.) Variable Range Equalizer Control: +/- 15 dB, L…

  • Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer Reissue

    Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer Reissue - moosers's review


    The Maxon GE601 is a graphic equalizer pedal, intended for use with guitar. It's a six band EQ and can also serve as a booster. It's an analog pedal that has the standard configuration of a 1/4" input and 1/4" output and is powered by a nine volt p…

  • Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator

    Boss AC-2 Acoustic Simulator - "Doesn't really sound like an acoustic"


    The Boss AC-2 is an attempt at trying to replicate that electrified acoustic sound with a guitar. To be honest, it doesn't really achieve that acoustic sound, but it does deliver an interesting clean tone if you're looking for something almost sitar…