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tno82 10/19/2011

Arturia Spark : tno82's user review

«  Freedom of creation »

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Very easy to use, some problems sync slave mode in Host software (VST). But quickly settled. Quick, very intuitive. Many functions available through shortcuts very well thought out.

Powerful sound, samples embedded that will delight fans of the first drum machines. Sounds "analog" with TAE and the excellent work of Arturia which are well known for their vintage synth VST. Ability to import their own samples, change them. After we like it or not. But this is very good.

Bought not long ago, I quickly built this machine to my config. Coupled with an Arturia Origin Nuendo, all is well oiled. The following spark terribly well. The pads respond and ask for more, the creative possibilities are endless.
Already seen with the origin, Arturia remains in its approach to creative freedom based machines legendary. Level support, always the same, the updates are there regularly to correct any bugs (do not forget that we are dealing with a software) and members of arturia answer your questions. On game modes, it can easily be used in standalone, or controlled by a software computer music. Even in slave mode, it remains a great deal of live in the game, especially when using the built-in effects with the touch area (Pad FX), and by changing and editing pattern that is just fantastic level design. Ability to disable the quantification, which can record on the fly, creating rolls wherever you want ... short a killing!
I had a Yamaha RS7000, I think unfortunately it will regain its board, because even if it was previously one of the best hardware sequencers (drum and synth), Spark, when used with a sequencer computer music, offers a section drumbox much more modern and suitable for creating electro (not only) of today who want quick and easy.