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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Audeon UFO

    Audeon UFO - "Should be a little cheaper"


    Audeon UFO is a software VST that cost around 125 bucks to purchase it new. They do however let you try the software before you buy it, which is a must for me because I will never buy a VST again without knowing that its good first because I have pai…

  • Tone2 Gladiator

    Tone2 Gladiator - "Uses alot of effects, and CPU!"


    Tone 2 Gladiator was giving me a lot of problems, and I couldn’t figure out whey it was. Every time I was use Tone 2 Gladiator there was like a glitch every time that I would press play to play back the sequence that I just recorded. It could be havi…

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - "2nd to none"


    Sugar Bytes Unique was a vst synth that I purchased over a year ago for around 200 to 250 dollars. At first I though that was too much to pay because they didn’t have a demo online to download available and I was worried about paying that amount of m…

  • Homegrown Sounds Astralis

    Homegrown Sounds Astralis - "Orgone is the best within Astralis"


    I purchased the Astralis VST for around 100 dollars a while back, mainly because it was suppose to be a combination of Bionic, Orgone and Astralis range. I am really interested in Astralis Orgone, it is a sample bases synth with a ton of nice feature…

  • Reason Studios ReBirth RB-338 2.x

    Reason Studios ReBirth RB-338 2.x - "Makes the older TB 303 TR 808 and TR909 new!"


    ReBirth 338 can be used in all Windows platforms as well as for Mac computers. ReBirth claims that it is a mash up of Roland TB 303 and of the TR 808 all in the ReBirth 338 2. Each one of those devices has its own separate pattern picker and it will…

  • Loomer Aspect

    Loomer Aspect - "Powerful Attacks"


    I have used the Loomer Aspect on my Windows XP laptop as well as my Newer Windows 7 and Windows Vista machines. I have also seen it used on Macs as well in the 64 bit version. The Loomer plug in looks very simple at first glance but it’s a really in …

  • Novaflash Microgram M1 [Freeware]

    Novaflash Microgram M1 [Freeware] - "Simple to use"


    Novaflash MicroGram M1 is a freeware Subtractive and Analogue synth, that is only compatible with Windows PC computers. I was using this for a short period of time between 2005 and 2006 until I ended up getting board with it. There are no compatibili…

  • Korg M01

    Korg M01 - "You can use it ANYWHERE!"


    It really doesn’t get more portable than using Korg’s M01. You can literally put this on your DS and put it right in your pocket and have a fully functional VST with you at all times no matter when or where you go somewhere. I have been using this al…

  • reFX Claw [Freeware]

    reFX Claw [Freeware] - "Awsome Freeware"


    ReFX Claw is a one oscillator with PWM. All of the effects and features of the Claw VST are pretty simple and easy to understand. This VST is completely free and you have nothing to lose, if you download it you probably wont uninstall it because it w…

  • Tone2 FireBird

    Tone2 FireBird - "It is a must have"


    The Tone 2 Firebird worked great with my windows 7 pc running with a dual core processor and 320RAM. I have never experienced any difficulties with this VST and it has always opened right up and worked like it was suppose to. I have never seen a manu…