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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • Hollow Sun TriOsc

    Hollow Sun TriOsc - "Does not cost much, but helped me alot"


    Hollow Sun TriOsc is a 3 Oscillator synth with FM and AM modulation. Though it does only have a small list of effects that include Distortion, Chorus , Phaser, and a few different echo’s, it is still a powerful VST. The price of the Hollow Sun TriOs…

  • Zero-G Nostalgia

    Zero-G Nostalgia - "Stand Alone or In Kontakt"


    Nostalgia by Zero G is basically a library of patches that came in wav files and also with .nki files. I am very glad it came with .nki files because I use Kontakt and that is what those files belong to. Nostalgia has some sounds in it that are so am…

  • Steinberg Plex

    Steinberg Plex - "Alot of presets"


    I have been using Steinberg Plex for a little over a year, it is 100 percent free and best of all it comes with over 300 presets! Plex gets very good reviews from users all over the World which is why I gave it a shot and I have been using it every …

  • DSK Music Darkness Theory [Freeware]

    DSK Music Darkness Theory [Freeware] - "DSK does it again.."


    DSK Darkness Theory comes with over 30 presets, and some of them are really good and some not so good. But you will have the options on hand to transform those presets into your own with just a few small tweaks here and there. Darkness Theory has 3 …

  • Time Control Productions BizuneVST [Freeware]

    Time Control Productions BizuneVST [Freeware] - "Dirty"


    BizuneVST is a VST that I downloaded while browsing KVR Audio and reading an article about it. The part of this VST that made me download it is the “Dirty” distortion Oscillator that it has built into it. It is a really interesting effects that you …

  • NorthernBeat Daedalus [Freeware]

    NorthernBeat Daedalus [Freeware] - "Good but has some issues"


    NorthernBeat Daedalus is a freeware VST that can be downloaded directly from the website. It is a polyphonic synthesizer that will work with pretty much any DAW or program that you want to use it with. It works just like your standard VST’s. The Nort…

  • Reason Studios ReBirth 1.x

    Reason Studios ReBirth 1.x - "It has evolved"


    PropellerHead Rebirth has been out for some time now, it is basically the TB 303 Bass , the TR 808 and the 909 Drums machines from Roland all wrapped in to one unit (ReBirth). Over the years they have actually put out a lot of updates and made some c…

  • Luxonix Ravity

    Luxonix Ravity - "Freeware that works great"


    The Luxonix Ravity is a plug in that is 100 percent free to have. You can download it and start using it right away. It is very easy to understand and to install. It will only take a few short minutes before it is on your computer and running in your…

  • TC Electronic Mercury-1

    TC Electronic Mercury-1 - "Vintage but still up to date"


    The TC Electronic Mercury -1 is a VST that has two oscillators and they are mono. You can use the layer functions of Mercury to layer up to around 4 different sounds or patches on top of each other to get those really full rich and unique sounding s…

  • Zero-G Morphology

    Zero-G Morphology - "Didnt like the menu's"


    Zero G Morphology is a VST instrumental that comes with a pretty big set of presets/sounds. Most of them are well made and are ready to use right off the bat, but some of them just need a lot of EQ to be done because they have a lot of “unwanted” sou…