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Other Virtual Synths user reviews

  • reFX Nexus 2

    reFX Nexus 2 - "Weighty, very weighty... like the price tag!"


    Easy installation (requires a USB-eLicenser dongle). The sound settings are simple SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Very stable, not too resources hungry and the sound is excellent. Example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcE_RPiVKNA OVERALL OPINION …

  • Hollow Sun TriOsc

    Hollow Sun TriOsc - "I love this thing! Retro sound for a Retro Price with loads of potential."


    I run this on a Macbook Pro i7, 8gb ram 10.6.8 with an RME Fireface 800 in Kontakt 5. So far it has been perfectly compatible with setup. No need for a manual as this is just an interesting take on basic synthesis and effect manipulation. Setup w…

  • Hollow Sun Dubreq Stylophone

    Hollow Sun Dubreq Stylophone - "Not the worst thing I bought for $2"


    I have had zero compatibility issues with this sample set running on a Macbook Pro i7 8gb ram, an RME Fireface 800 and Kontakt 5 as standalone or in Logic 9/Ableton 8. The setup is extremely simple. Install it, then find it in Kontakt's file browse…

  • Hollow Sun Crumar Performer

    Hollow Sun Crumar Performer - "A classic rare synth captured wonderfully for only $15"


    I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 with 8gb ram and an RME Fireface 800. I run this Kontakt 5 either as a standalone or in Logic 9 or Ableton 8. So far I have had zero compatibility issues. This is a very simple instrument so you really don't need to …

  • Tone2 FireBird

    Tone2 FireBird - "good synths for your productions"


    Installing the Tone 2 Firebird was a quick process as it came installed when I installed my Steinberg Cubase SX software. I had no compatibility problems at all as the same manufacturer made both the soft synth and my sequencer. After installing the …

  • reFX Vanguard

    reFX Vanguard - "At this price, why deprive yourself?"


    Did you have any problems during the installation? No, it's a plug-in so it only takes 30 seconds. Did you have any problems during the installation? It's a virtual instrument with presets and editing possibilities. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE What'…

  • reFX Nexus 2

    reFX Nexus 2 - " Simple and effective"


    No problems during the installation, but be sure to have a USB port available for the copy protection key. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE My PC is a performance beast for 2010 standards (the configurations have changed, so there's no point in me detailing…

  • reFX Vanguard

    reFX Vanguard - Wedges2's review


    To me every VST is pretty simple excluding a few. This is no different. Every feature is easily accesible. Most softsynths are this way but this one is even easier than ones such as Sylenth1. Only one screan with all the features in different boxes. …

  • Sugar Bytes Unique

    Sugar Bytes Unique - "My New Favorite Virtual Synth!"


    This is a really nice virtual synth plug-in. It is basically an analog synth emulator. It has great oscillators and phase shifters on it, and can really get some wacky, awesome sounds. I didn't have any issues getting it set up in Logic. In fact, I f…

  • Tone2 Gladiator

    Tone2 Gladiator - "Great synth."


    Gladiator VST installed on my computers without a single problem at all. This VST has worked fine in every DAW I have ever used, including FL Studio, Ableton Live and Cubase 5. It works great on both of my systems, a low end and a high end machine wi…